Why Jennie From BLACKPINK Should Be Your Fashion Crush Now

That crush you will never want to get over

By Charmaine Tan 26 Nov, 2018 2:48 AMTags

When it comes to Korean idol fashion, BLACKPINK is usually one of the first group names to come to mind. Jennie, the "Human Chanel", usually follows right after, because she has been getting a lot of attention from some of fashion's biggest names recently, thanks to an impeccable sense of style that is equal parts badass chick and girl-next-door. 

At 22-years-old, Jennie has already accomplished what most girls can only dream of doing: being featured on the covers of several fashion magazines, attending numerous fashion events around the world, and most importantly, being named one of Chanel's muses – all in the short span of two years. She may come from the same home as fashion chameleons G-Dragon and CL, but the sweetheart has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, and she is more than ready to show us what she can do.

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On stage, her fierce and impenetrable aura is played up by what the group's stylist Choi Kyoung Won describes as "cute but sexy outfits". While this charismatic rapper side is what novice fans are familiar with, others say that Jennie is actually rather soft-spoken and gentle in person, cute even. This is why she can pull off both belted bustier tops and floral cut-out dresses just as well, every outfit striking the perfect balance between edgy and girly.

On the other hand, Jennie's red carpet outfits tend to focus more on her feminine side, the dresses always accentuating her slender figure. This Valentino midi-length lace dress was especially evocative of her elegant and even regal allure.

Now if you thought her stage looks were to die for, her off-duty looks are what make people swoon. Thanks to Instagram, fans all over the world are obsessed with Jennie's OOTDs, most of which are skilfully (or artfully) taken by her fellow members.

From gingham numbers to blazers and office-wear, Jennie loves to marry the perfectly imperfect French-girl style with comfortable street-wear hoodies and sweats — it is no wonder she is a fashion inspiration to so many young girls. Even wearing a pair of cargo pants in reverse can look so good — only Jennie, and so we continue to follow and learn.

While wearing plenty of the Chanel's pieces seem only natural for a muse of the brand, Jennie strives to ease them into her daily wardrobe as seamlessly as possible – this is why she is affectionately nicknamed the human incarnation of Chanel. Just look at this turquoise crop top and wide legged jean look:

And what she wore to Paris Fashion Week:

And if you thought she could not look any better, just check out her solo debut track's colourful, fashion-filled music video. It seems like her fashion reign has only just begun, so do stay tuned to see what else this winsome starlet has in store for us and the world.

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