These Are The Richest Idols in K-Pop Right Now

Check out these crazy rich Asians who are rolling in dollar bills!

By Adriel Chiun 23 Nov, 2018 3:07 AMTags

They've ruled the airwaves, and held dominion over your television screens, reigned over your computers and prevailed over your smartphone screens. And in a world where cash is king, these inhabitants on our K-pop Rich List are veritable royals! From pop stars to actors, to pop stars who also act, model and dance, these influential multi-hyphenates are the biggest Korean exports to date with the highest net worth! We've just gone and done the legwork so you don't have to. You are welcome.

10. TAEYANG – US$ 10,000,000

This South Korean singer of Big Bang fame has since struck out on his own and become a brilliant chart-topping solo singer. And not only is he a great crooner, he also has a knack for real estate — with some serious million dollar listings under his name. Did we mention that he is also incredibly easy on the eyes? But alas, he's spoken for.

9. SUZY – US$ 10,000,000++

Looks like having roots in a powerful girl band has its perks. Rising like a phoenix from famed K-Pop girl group miss A, this gorgeous South Korean singer has since rested her killer vocals and slowly transitioned to charming television audiences on in Korean dramas. The new actress is also a brand magnet with reported deals worth millions!

8. YOONA – US$ 11,000,000

For those of you that remember the worldwide phenomenon that is Girls' Generation, are bound to recall how they dominated the airwaves with their catchy vocals, mesmerising choreography, and their break out singer Yoona! This Korean sweetheart has graduated from a teenybopper to become a serious actress in both Korea and China.

7. BoA – US$ 14,000,000

With an entertainment career spanning 17 years, it is no wonder BoA has made our list! Gaining fame with her chart-topping tunes for almost two decades not only locally, but Japan, and around the region as well. And being a judge on hit singing reality television competitions like Pop Star and Produce 101 have also raked in quite a bit of dough for this South Korean diva.

6. IU – US$ 15,000,000

Lee Ji-eun, or more commonly known to the world as IU, the captivating South Korean singer has stolen the hearts of millions since she debuted at the tender age of 15. And she's got the bank account to prove it as well — with successful platinum albums, popular Korean dramas and incredibly profitable brand deals.

5. SANDARA PARK – US$ 16,000,000

Having first slain the islands of the Philippines with her incredible singing and acting chops, Sandara, or Dara, Park then crossed the ocean to join the Korean super group 2NE1 — gaining even bigger success. Sandara's filmography also grew exponentially (so did her bank account) with the filming of more dramas and brand deals.

4. RAIN – US$ 20,000,000

Singer. Sex god. Hollywood actor. Jung Ji-hoon, or Rain as he is more commonly known, had unbelievable success in Korea and Asia — with his stronghold on K-Pop and Korean dramas — before going over to the Land of the Free to star in Ninja Assassin. And blessed with a body that even Adonis would be jealous of, it is no wonder Rain has made everyone drenched with ecstasy.

3. G-DRAGON – US$ 21,000,000

This guy needs no introduction. For G-Dragon is a pop-cultural powerhouse. From selling out stadiums to sitting front row at Chanel shows, this man has seen it all. Part of the popular Big Bang boyband, this sexy South Korean crooner has forged a name for himself as a formidable solo singer and even found his own lifestyle brand PeaceMinusOne.

2. CHOI SIWON – US$ 35,000,000++

There are Korean heartthrobs, then there are Korean heartthrobs. Choi Siwon is the whole package. Breaking free from one of the most recognizable mega Korean boy bands in the world: Super Junior, Choi Siwon has done it all. He's sung, acted and even modelled. How's that for a triple threat?

1.PSY – US$ 45,000,000

Man. Legend. OG. This dude amirite! 3.2 BILLION views on your debut single on YouTube must mean something. PSY's Gangnam Style music video was the most viewed video on the video sharing website for FIVE consecutive years. OMG. Think about all the monetisation! And while the dapper South Korean found success even before he became a worldwide viral sensation, he is still air-galloping his way to the bank because of how well his recent album 4x2=8 is received. Making him number one in our list.