How Yvette King Got The Perfect Makeup Look For The 2018 People's Choice Awards

E! News Asia host Yvette King interviews makeup artist to the stars Nikki Nouvelle on the personal makeup look she created

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E! Asia was at the People's Choice Awards not only to interview some of the biggest names in pop culture, but also to serve lewks! So once we finally settled on the dress (thanks to everyone who voted by the way!) it was time to decide on beauty. Guys, what's the point of a gorgeous dress if your face looks ratchet?! As the dress was pretty extra already — ummm gold sequins, asymmetrical and floor length — pretty much looking like a trophy in and of itself, we knew the makeup had to be complementary. Step in, artist to the stars and to me, a damn magician: Nikki Nouvelle.

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Yvette King: I had in mind a bit of Bella Hadid at Versace SS18, a lil Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid for inspo, but did you know immediately when you saw the dress what to do with my face?

Nikki Nouvelle: The minute I saw your dress I knew I wanted to have a focus feature to highlight the striking gold — whether it be a bold lip or glistening eye.

You created an aubergine lip in the end — what is the secret to pulling off a dark lip?

The secret to any bold lip is exfoliating. It rubs off any cracked skin and leaves your lips with a smooth, moisturised base to start with. Generally I just use raw sugar mixed with lip balm, have the client rub the lips together and then wipe off. Easy!

I'm a huge fan of a cat wing eye shape but you achieved this with shadow — how did you do that?

Ah! You noticed my trick! Whenever I'm doing a exaggerated eyeliner look, I like to use cream eyeshadow to map out where I'll be placing eyeliner. It prevents me from having to remove and re-apply the eyeliner while getting my desired shape. Overall I prefer gel liner for smoother application. Once I‘ve done the shadow, I use an angled sponge and a bit of concealer and swipe up towards the top corner of the ear to create that sharp, defined eyeshadow line.

Courtesy of Yvette King
Courtesy of Yvette King

The age old question is not what came first - the chicken or egg, but what comes first - brows and eyeshadow or foundation?

For me it really depends on the look I'm creating. I think it's different for every artist. I normally start with brows to shape the face, then eyeshadow followed by foundation - this is the approach I took with you for the PCAs!

What products did you use on me?

Foundation: Chanel Le Teint Ultra

Eyeshadow: M.A.C. Warm Neutral Palette X 15

Eyeliner: Calligraphie de Chanel

Bronzer: Anastasia Beverly Hills - Tawny

Lips : Fenty Beauty 1

Lip exfoliate: M.A.C. Lip Scrubtious

Setting spray: Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray - Bridal

Skin primer: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r

Grettel Cortes Photography

Can you share some profesh MUA secrets with us?

I always use 2-3 different foundation colours at a time. I apply the lighter foundation in the center of the face and the warmer tone to bronze the forehead, cheekbones and neck. I apply foundation to ears, because when our body heat rises our ears tend to get flushed.

Do you approach TV makeup differently to just doing someone's makeup in general? I feel the camera can suck off most of the makeup!

Yes, definitely! Especially with 4K cameras that are in use these days there's almost no room for error. It's not necessarily makeup technique but products that make the difference. I use more full coverage/mattifying products for camera use.

A red carpet is busy and sweaty under those bright lights - what are some key pointers to helping the makeup last in those conditions?

It's all in the preparation of the skin. If the skin isn't primed properly the foundation would just melt off. A little trick I like is to keep a lip spot on all night is exfoliate-condition-apply lip stain-add lip pencil-finish with lipstick/gloss. I know it sounds a bit excessive but believe me, it works! I'm not always around for touch ups.

Grettel Cortes Photography

Should we be following makeup trends or just sticking to what looks best on our faces?

I say wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. On trend or not.

The hair was simple and complemented with a girl's best friend - not diamonds but bobby pins! Why do you think this worked?

Hardware is so on trend right now as well as the '90s. Everyone loves a little nostalgia.

What products did you use to tame my tresses?

The last thing we wanted was frizzy hair — this was all about a slick and cool vibe - almost a wet, effortless hair look. To achieve that it was all about the oil and hydration:

IGK Hair Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

IGK Hair Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm

R+Co Detangling Brush

R+Co Trophy Shine and Texture Spray

Grettel Cortes Photography

If you had the chance again would you change up the hair and makeup we ended up doing?

I was completely happy with the finished look! I wouldn't change anything about it… Except maybe having more time to execute it. That day was bananas!

Out of 5 stars how instaworthy was my PCAs look?

5/5 for sure!

You can follow Nikki's transformations here (@nikkinouvelle)

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