9 Korean Dramas You Need To Watch Before 2018 Ends

We round up the unmissable Korean dramas from the year that every fan should watch before the year ends

By Jocelyn Tan 14 Nov, 2018 6:29 AMTags

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year with so many fantastic dramas with such varying genres. Romance, memory-loss, plastic surgery... you name it, you got it! In no particular order, here are our personal favourites from this year:

1. 100 Days My Prince

Ever since his first big role in It's Okay, That's Love, Do Kyung-soo (better known as D.O. from Korean boyband EXO) has impressed us continually with his stellar performances. This time, paired with "chart-climbing icon" Nam Ji-hyun, the two lead actors make this historical rom-com one that you won't want to miss.

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2. Are You Human Too?

What better way to showcase artificial intelligence than through a feel-good K-drama? Seo Kang-joon turns into a robot for this sci-fi romance drama. Complete with a chaebol (a family-run conglomerate) back-story, we were enthralled by the rich-man, poor-girl plot with a futuristic twist.

3. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Beauty is only skin-deep, or so they say. Learning how to love yourself for who you are on the inside is a big theme in this webtoon-turned-drama, as Mi-rae (played by Im Soo-hyang) learns to navigate the ups and downs of plastic surgery and gain self-confidence in the process.

4. Suits

Can you say bromance? Veteran actor Jang Dong-gun and formidable rising star Park Hyung-sik suit up for the Korean remake of popular American TV series Suits, all set with office romance, chaebols, secrets and betrayal.

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5. Return

Speaking of secrets and betrayal, no drama does it better than Return. This mystery thriller was a rollercoaster of heart-wrenching, mind-blowing moments with a fantastic cast that will surely test your loyalties.

6. Welcome to Waikiki

Leaving those miseries behind, you have got to catch Welcome to Waikiki if you haven't already! A perfect combination of friendship, laughter and romance, this K-drama follows the life of 6 young adults navigating their dreams and their future, true sitcom style.

7. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Honestly, we asked the same question because who can resist the adorable Park Seo-joon? This office romance features all your clichés: Chaebols? Check. Cinderella story? Check. Kidnapping? Check! Peppered with sweet moments and funny little cameos from comedian Park Na Rae, this is one of the hottest rom-coms of the year.

8. Something In The Rain

Can you imagine dating your best friend's younger brother? Well, we sure can if it's Jung Hae-In! Not a drama for those who prefer fast-paced storytelling, Something In The Rain reflects reality's slow-paced development from infatuation to love and is one true-to-life, personable story.

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9. My Mister

Not your typical run-of-the-mill drama, My Mister portrays a different image of Korean singer IU as she plays a woman struggling in life. Beautifully cinematic with scenes that tug at your heart strings, this drama draws attention to the ordinary people and their relationships in everyday life.