Here's How The Girls Of Red Velvet Would Describe One Another

K-pop girl group Red Velvet speaks to E! News Asia host Elizabeth Rahajeng and talks K-pop fans, touring and each other. Find out who is the "sexy dynamite"!

By Pakkee Tan 10 Nov, 2018 5:14 AMTags
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When you're sitting down with one of the hottest Korean girl groups of the moment, what would you ask them? Luckily for us, E! Asia host Elizabeth Rahajeng knew just the right ones to ask Red Velvet. From the most memorable fan encounters that they've experienced at their fan meets to how they would describe one another in a word (hint: Someone's "sexy dynamite"!), watch our exclusive video above to get the full details! And look out for the bonus a cappella performance they give us at the end!

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Courtesy of Elizabeth Rahajeng
Courtesy of Elizabeth Rahajeng