Full Frontals in Film

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Male full frontal is something of a final frontier in pop culture.

It's remarkably rare for male actors to drop trou and reveal all on camera, allowing their manhood to be immortalized on film. And when it does happen, it can generally earn the film a more restrictive rating from the Motion Picture Association of America than it would if it were a female actor baring their bits. But even with that archaic bit of ratings rulings still going on, the ever-elusive male full frontal does make it way to the movie theater from time to time.

The latest example? Chris Pine's revelatory moment in the new film Outlaw King, streaming now on Netflix. And while a historical action drama about a 14th century Scottish king who launched a war against the English army seems an unlikely source for such a moment, it's there nonetheless. 

"A lot has been made about me being nude, and quite honestly, I'm only naked for—it's no Fassbender situation," Pine said in a new BBC Radio 1 interview, referencing Michael Fassbender's famous nude scene in the 2011 film Shame. "I mean, I'd certainly match him."

In honor of Pine's big moment, let's take a look at all the brave men who've come before him, willing to let it all hang out there. And as for the comparisons, we'll leave those to you, you thirsty animals.

American Gigolo, Richard Gere

Paramount Pictures

Bruce Willis, Color of Night

Hollywood Pictures

Ewan McGregor, The Pillow Book


Wild Things, Kevin Bacon

Mandalay Entertainment

Jude Law, The Talented Mr. Ripley

Paramount Pictures

Cillian Murphy, 28 Days Later

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Mark Ruffalo, Meg Ryan, In the Cut

Pathe Productions

Colin Farrell, A Home at the End of the World

Warner Independent Pictures

Peter Sarsgaard, Kinsey

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal

Universal Studios

James McAvoy, The Last King of Scotland

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Viggo Mortensen, Eastern Promises

Focus Features

Tom Hardy, Bronson

Aramid Entertainment

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Best Beach Movies

Universal Pictures

Michael Fassbender, Shame

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Gone Girl

Twentieth Century Fox

Ralph Fiennes, A Bigger Splash

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Chris Pine, Outlaw King

David Eustace/Netflix

Outlaw King is in theaters and available to stream on Netflix now.

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