Why Scott Disick Is Finally Ready to Talk About His Late Parents With Mason, Penelope & Reign

By Alyssa Ray 25 Jul, 2020 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Scott Disick Shares Childhood Pictures With Kim & Reign

Maintaining memories.

In this bonus clip from season 18 of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, Scott Disick shares photos from his past with youngest son Reign Disick and Kim Kardashian.

"Oh my god! This is what I was doing today," the KKW Beauty mogul expresses as Scott combs through photos. "I was organizing photo albums."

"Really?" the father of three responds. "Yeah, it's not easy."

As viewers saw earlier this season, Scott had an emotional reunion with his late parents' friend, who he called Uncle Dave. While Scott struggled to walk down memory lane during the visit, in this bonus scene he's more open to reminisce about the past.

"It must be so good to have all of these," Kim notes to Scott.

Scott shares, "Yeah, no it's really cool. I literally had no idea I had them."

As he continues, Scott confirms that he had "an amazing time" reconnecting with Uncle Dave.

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"It was like super cool to catch up with him and talk about old times, because he's literally the only person I have that I can reference anything from years ago," the Talentless founder relays. "I don't know anyone else that's alive."

Scott, who is an only child, lost mother Bonnie Disick in October 2013 and father Jeffrey Disick in January 2014.

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"Look, this was your grandpa," Kim says to Reign while holding up an old photo of Jeffrey. "He was so nice. And your grandma Bonnie, she was so silly."

Kim goes on to speculate that Reign would've been Bonnie's favorite since the youngest Disick is also "so silly."

"You know, I don't think I was really ready to talk about my family," Scott says. "But now, I think the more I talk about my parents the more my kids will feel connected to them and remember them."

He concludes, "You know, that's the only way they're ever gonna feel that connection."

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Watch the sweet scene in the clip above.