The 8 Best Pieces of Advice From the Celebrity Call Center Premiere

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The celebrity advice you never knew you needed.

During tonight's back-to-back premiere episodes of Celebrity Call Center, a bevy of ordinary people received extraordinary advice from their favorite celebrities. Alongside executive producer Nick Cannon, stars like Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Osbourne, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow, Reza Farahan and more shared their thoughts on a variety of life topics.

"Every week your favorite stars sign in for a shift and field calls and answer your most burning questions," Nick explained at the start of the episode. "'Cause who better to give out real advice than the folks who've been through it all."

This week the celebrities discussed everything from reconnecting with a cheating ex to co-parenting during a divorce to a mother-in-law flashing during a Zoom call. It's safe to say that no topic was too taboo!

Check out all of the wild, sage and hilarious advice from tonight's Celebrity Call Center premiere below!

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On Co-parenting With an Ex:

During a call with Nick, Scott from Los Angeles, CA asked the Wild 'n Out star for advice on how to co-parent amid a divorce. Although Scott said he and his ex were navigating this decently at first, he said "lately it's been a bit rough."

Nick, who co-parents with exes Mariah Carey and Brittany Bell, had plenty of wise words to share with Scott.

"I'm a professional co-parenter! You're never gonna agree with your ex, it's always gonna be a give and take," Nick noted. "And I remember, you know, going through the divorce…That's when probably your ego is at its highest, because that's when you're guarding your heart the most."

As he continued, Nick advised Scott to "put your kids first" and to "operate out of love."

"Especially when it's fresh, you're gonna butt heads so much," Nick added. "But, cooler heads will prevail. And then, ultimately, you'll be the best parents you can possibly be 'cause you love your children."

On Confronting a Neighbor for Bad Behavior:

Jon from Miami, FL turned to the Celebrity Call Center after his neighbor's dog kept defecating on his welcome mat. Unsure of how to confront this naughty neighbor, Jon asked Reza for his thoughts—and the Shas of Sunset star didn't hold back.

"I would invest in a Ring doorbell and it captures everything," Reza advised. "If you came to me, opened your phone up, did a little swipe, like I did when I had an uninvited visitor and the Ring camera caught his ass climbing over my fence and destroying my front…Catch that dog in the act and step to your neighbor and get you an apology."

This advice resonated with the caller, who suggested the confrontation may ultimately be "cathartic."

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On Reconnecting With a Cheating Ex:

Vivica knows how to dole out the tough love.

When Ashley from Athens, Georgia called in looking for advice about reconnecting with her cheating ex-husband, the Soul Food actress let the caller know that was a terrible idea.

"No, I'm gonna keep that real with you, Ashley! Once a cheater, always a cheater," Vivica sounded off. "Like, for some reason, he don't want to see you with somebody else. It's time for Ashley to even that out!"

If Ashley needed a visual example, Vivica reminded those tuning in that she made a movie surrounding this very topic, Two Can Play That Game.

"Ok, let me do a quick side bar, is he real rich?" she asked.

Ashley responded, "No."

"Oh hell! Oh girl, come on," Vivica quipped.

Thus, Vivica suggested that Ashley keep her ex-husband as nothing more than a friend with benefits.

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On Cutting Family From a Wedding Guest List:

An issue Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright know firsthand!

Donna from Lewes, DE called into Celebrity Call Center as she struggled to decide whether to invite her sister-in-law to her daughter's wedding. The Vanderpump Rules stars could empathize with Donna's situation as Jax didn't invite his mother to his wedding after a falling out.

"I had to think about it from a big picture perspective," Jax explained. "It was my wedding day.  Yes, it was my mother, I just wanted this day to go perfect. And, for that reason, I felt I had to leave certain people out."

And while Jax said he wished his mother could've been there, he knows he "made the right call."

Brittany jumped in and noted that, while she's "all about family," she advised cutting anyone who would cause drama at the nuptials.

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On a Date Who Couldn't Perform:

Although Kristy from Cathedral City, CA was first connected with Akbar Gbajabiamila, the American Ninja Warrior co-host passed off the call to Dr. Dubrow and Heather.

Why? Well, because the former NFL star thought the Botched doctor could shed some light on Kristy's date's erectile dysfunction problem.

However, it was Heather who made the situation crystal clear.

"Liquor dick!" the former The Real Housewives of Orange County star exclaimed. "Listen, they went out, they had fun, they were dancing, there was a mood, they went back to the apartment, they're both in the mood, they're both happy, he gets liquor dick."

She continued, "What are you gonna do? She's cranky, she was in the mood for it, she storms off. Alright, what are you gonna do?"

Per Heather, Kristy should just ask the guy out again, but for coffee this time.

"Let's stay away from the liquor," Heather concluded. "Sit down and go, ‘I'm so sorry. I was such a douche the other night, we both drank too much, let's just put it behind us. Let's hang out. Let's be friends.' Whatever."

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On a Boyfriend's Porn Addiction:

For a very candid conversation with Tanya from Fort Washington, MD, Kelly weighed in on the caller's relationship woes. Per Tanya, she's concerned her boyfriend has a problem as he only orgasms while watching porn.

After hearing Tanya's concerns, Kelly encouraged her to have an open conversation with her boyfriend.

"It's a weird one because it feels like a conversation you should be able to have with the person that you're having sex with, but when you go to have the conversation, you're like, ‘I don't know if I can do this,'" Kelly advised. "You don't want to shame him in any way or make him feel embarrassed because it is normal to watch porn."

Furthermore, Kelly suggested that Tanya approach the conversation in a positive way. Rather than make it seem like it's "wrong or weird," Kelly told Tanya to ask about his needs and desires.

"Maybe you can watch it together and see if it's something that you're into as well," she remarked.

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On a Familial Flashing Incident:

A messy mother-in-law.

Sam from Cleveland, OH was desperate for advice after his mother-in-law flashed everyone during a Zoom call that featured both sides of the family. Apparently, his family was "furious" after the incident and told him to cut contact with his wife's mother.

Upon hearing this drama, Akbar told Sam that it'll be pretty hard to disown his mother-in-law and encouraged the caller to be the bridge for forgiveness.

"How about praying?" Akbar inquired. "Have you guys tried maybe getting down together and praying for her? And then just saying, ‘We'll let the lord take it from here.'"

As Sam took to this suggestion, Akbar said "prayer changes everything."

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

On When to Break the "Bro Code":

Laurie Hernandez kept her cool when she heard all about Billy from Los Angeles, CA's desire to date his brother's ex-girlfriend.

"I kind of feel like that's bro code that you just don't do that," the Olympian expressed.

In response to this, Billy assured Laurie that his brother and the ex parted on good terms.

While on mute, Kelly hilariously sounded off on the situation, "It's called bro code for a reason! He's actually your brother, it's not even your friend! What are you doing?"

Meanwhile, Laurie kept her cool and offered up some sound advice. She shared, "I know for my family, I am extremely close to my siblings, it's not something I would do because I value them and love them and cherish them."

Before the end of the call, Laurie urged Billy to "look into your loyalties" before moving forward with his brother's ex.

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