7 Moments From Parks and Recreation Proving Leslie Knope Would Know How to Solve All This

By Kelsey Klemme 25 Mar, 2020 1:00 PMTags

When it comes to finding someone who knows how to handle a crisis, we don't need to look any further than Pawnee, Indiana.

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps us social distancing and staying home, we've naturally found ourselves binging some of our favorite shows, including the hilarious Parks and Recreation.

Part of the charm of rewatching the iconic series is seeing Leslie Knope killing it as a government leader—from getting her dream project of a park built to it being hinted that she went on to become the first female President—all while being an amazing best friend who loves waffles.

In honor of one of our favorite funny characters on TV, we've rounded up some of the best moments of Parks & Rec where Leslie was a badass at getting things done, all while making us laugh.

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Check out our picks below!

When She Spoke Out and Stood Up For Herself

When Leslie's husband, Ben Wyatt, was running for Congress, she was criticized constantly for being too much of a career woman, or not enough of one.

However, she finally stood up for herself and all other women, saying everyone is doing their best and that we shouldn't judge each other for their choices. This inspiring speech is proof that if Leslie were in charge in real life, we'd all look up to what she has to say.

When She Chained Herself to a Gate

Leslie was so determined to save a historic gazebo, she chained herself to a gate in an effort to stop a bulldozer from being able to tear it down.

And while, yes, her plan didn't go according to plan, Leslie's determination is still inspiring and something to channel in our lives, too.

When She Helped Guide People to Their Right Path

Anytime things get crazy, we look to leaders who know how to delegate, and Leslie proved how great she is at that when she and April Ludgate had a heart-to-heart about April's future.

Naturally, once April admitted she needed help figuring out her life, Leslie directed her to an organization that could help her find her purpose.

When She Always Kept Up to Date

Keeping up to date is a defining quality of any great leader, which is why we were impressed when Leslie learned about Ron Swanson's woodworking accomplishments by setting up Google Alerts to track him.

Oh, and she also had the time to also create a custom song to ring in the occasion.

When She Filibustered a Bad Bill

Point of order! Leslie proved she would be an asset in any governmental body when she successfully (and hilariously) filibustered a bad bill, all while wearing roller skates.

When She Inspired a Generation

In the season finale, we were all tearing up watching Leslie accomplish her life goals, such as becoming governor.

And when she gave her commencement speech to Indiana University students, she made a case for working in public service, stating that, "We do it because we get the chance to work hard at work worth doing alongside a team of people who love," inevitably inspiring a generation of people to get involved in helping others.

When She Dedicated Her Life to Making Others' Lives Better

At the end of the day, what we love about Parks & Rec is the journey. Leslie's was full of personal moments, like getting married and having triplets, but as April wrote in her touching letter, every moment of Leslie's career came from her purpose of, "Making people's lives better."