Watch Kim Kardashian Squeeze Into Her Latest Iconic Latex Look

By Brett Malec 22 Mar, 2020 4:34 PMTags
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Watch: Watch Kim Kardashian Literally Squeeze Into Skin-Tight Outfit

"This is f--king Fashion Week!"

Kim Kardashian is putting style before comfort in this hilarious and oddly mesmerizing sneak peek clip from season 18 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which premieres this Thursday at 8 p.m. on E! The preview shows exactly how Kim and Kourtney Kardashian squeezed their bodies into their recent skin-tight latex looks at Paris Fashion Week 2020.

"Who goes to church in latex? We do!" Kourtney yells from their hotel as Kim and her team of many stylists are still trying to pull Kim's outfit onto her.

When Kourtney makes a joke about going pee in the incredibly difficult ensembles, Kim tells her sis, "You're gonna have to hold it until like 2."

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"I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder," Kim jokes as stylist Marni Senofonte and others forced the latex leggings and top onto her body.

We'll we honest: seeing how Kim squeezed into the couture outfit is truly fascinating (and slightly scary).

"Like literally, what would i do without Marni? I didn't even think you were coming this morning,' Kim says after her team finally gets all the latex pieces onto her body.

"You would actually do this," Marni says. "That's the thing, you would actually do it."

Watch the mesmerizing video for yourself!