The Botched Docs Give 6 Tips on Staying Healthy During Coronavirus

By Brett Malec 17 Mar, 2020 6:18 PMTags

Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to the rescue!

Everyone's favorite Botched doctors are sharing some safety tips on how to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many of you out there, Terry and Paul are limiting their social interactions and taking extra precautions as of late to avoid COVID-19.

Here are some helpful heath tips to follow straight from the E! stars:

Dr. Paul Nassif:

1. "Stay home and practice social distancing. We are cooking at home and ordering in UberEats."

2. "Wash your hands! Avoid using too much sanitizer and focus on washing your hands. If you haven't washed your hands or if you have touched anything outside of your realm, avoid touching your face."

3. "If you are feeling under the weather, stay at home, take zinc lozenges and get a ton of sleep."

Celebs Giving Back Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Terry Dubrow:

1. "Clean your cellphone! It's the dirtiest potential disease carrying object you own. At least 5 times a day or every time you wash your hands."

2. "Exercise more. Whatever you were doing for exercise, do it more. Every day if possible. The stronger you are the stronger your resistance."

3. "Be mindful and grateful. Realize we will all be ok. We're living in a time of global cooperation and we will weather this viral storm as a planet facing a common enemy together."

Stay safe and healthy, Botched fans!