How Audrina Patridge, Tess Holliday & Other Celebrity Moms Are Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Allison Crist 09 Mar, 2020 10:07 PMTags

Audrina Patridge, Tess Holliday, Bekah Martinez, and Tobie Gonzalez stopped by Daily Pop on Monday to dish on different parenting topics with Heather Dubrow—one of which is certainly weighing on the minds of many moms and dads: coronavirus.

In a segment called "Moms I'd Like to Know," Dubrow asked the group whether or not they were hesitant to send their kids to school or extracurricular activities, and they actually came to a surprising consensus. 

"Kids are like germ machines. I'm constantly sick because of my kid going to school," Holliday, a model and mom of two said. "But I mean, as long as we're washing our hands and not putting our hands in our mouths and common practices that we do, I'm fine."

Patridge, who gave birth to a daughter in 2016, agreed, emphasizing the importance of thorough hand-washing.

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"Part of being a parent is there's only so much you can control," added Bachelor alum Martinez, who's the mother of one and currently pregnant. "So you control what you can, make sure their immune systems are healthy and they're washing their hands. But other than that, being fearful and making your children feel fearful doesn't really accomplish anything."

Gonzalez isn't getting too worked up, either. "It's not the end of the world!" she said. "I'm not that parent. I'm not wiping down everything. And I think if our kids see us panic, then they panic."

See the full discussion in the clip above.