Chad Johnson and Annalise Mishler Address Allegations in First Joint Interview Since His Arrest

By Elyse Dupre 09 Mar, 2020 6:15 PMTags

Chad Johnson and Annalise Mishler spoke out on his arrest in their first joint interview for Monday's episode of Daily Pop.

Back in February, The Bachelorette alum was arrested in Los Angeles for robbery with domestic violence enhancement. The arrest took place after a series of alleged incidents over the course of two days at Mishler's residence.

According to Mishler's legal representative, a neighbor called the police after claiming to hear and see an alleged altercation involving a man pounding on a door and screaming profanities. Her legal team claimed Mishler tried to call the police, as well but was unsuccessful after Johnson allegedly grabbed and threw her phone.

Mishler's legal representative claimed police asked Mishler if she was injured upon their arrival and were told Johnson "sort of backhanded her right eye" the previous night and also "had her sweatshirt twisted in his hand, lifting her off the ground outside of his apartment so as not to let her walk home to her own unit." Johnson later claimed in an Instagram Stories video there was "never any domestic abuse of any kind."

Johnson was also accused of being drunk and punching a hole in her wall the night before.

In addition to his arrest, Johnson was served a temporary restraining order per California law, Mishler's legal representative said. He was released from jail on bond and is due back in court on March 17.

"I was just scared, honestly," Mishler told Daily Pop's Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner in regard to the alleged incidents.

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Johnson said the alleged argument started after the two broke up and he started drinking.

"I hadn't drank in, like, 50-something days. I made a promise to her not to drink anymore," he said. "And when we broke up, I was like, 'It doesn't seem like a bad time to have one, you know?' And pretty much from there, it just spiraled." 

He also said he wasn't happy that Mishler had recorded his behavior and claimed she was upset that he had been drinking and had downloaded a dating app. 

When asked if he'd ever considered seeking help for his drinking, Johnson said he's "going to do one of those, like, outpatient things."

"But it's just hard to deal with because it's not like I wake up every day and have a drink," he said. "It's one of those things where people are like, 'We gotta lock you away so you won't drink.' I'm like, 'I'm not drinking. I go to the gym two hours a day.' It's just like dealing with that one time, every couple of months or something happens and then I have an issue."

ABC/Rick Rowell

Just a few days after the arrest, authorities conducted welfare checks at Johnson's residence. According to multiple outlets, he was also hospitalized following a reported suicide threat.

"It was just going through the whole situation," Johnson said. "People thought I had hit her and all this stuff. I mean, I hit the wall….Everybody basically threw me to the side—you know, all my sponsors, everything I had, everything I was working for. I just kind of lost it, you know? To top it all off, I was still wasted after that entire scenario."

So, where do Johnson and Mishler stand now? They both said they're "working through things." Although, they did note that they're working on a new project together.

"I'm not, like, at a point, to just, like, jump back into things," Mishler said. "I think, like, there has to be, like, I have to see change and feel better about things."

To see their full interview, watch the video above.