Will Matt Fraser's Backup Proposal Plan Wow Girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis?

The Meet the Frasers star has the "shakes" in this sneak peek from tonight's season finale

By Brett Malec 09 Mar, 2020 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Marriage Proposal Is Giving Matt Fraser the Shakes

It's the proposal that almost didn't happen!

After Matt Fraser's initial proposal plan got nixed over rainy weather in Miami, leaving him scrambling, it looks like the Meet the Frasers star was able to come up with a backup plan in this clip from tonight's season finale!

The sneak peek shows the psychic medium leading girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis to a ballroom where he intends to ask her to marry him. The only problem is that control-freak Matt has no idea how the ballroom looks because he left all the decorating duties to his sister Maria.

"I never get nervous ever, but I'm starting to get the shakes," Matt admits in the video. "My hands are shaky a little bit. I have like major indigestional [sic] issues going on."

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"If I open up the ballroom door and it looks ridiculous in there, the proposal's not happening. That's it," he adds. "I'm just gonna tell Alexa we're on date night. No proposal."

So will Matt's proposal setting blow Alexa away? Don't miss tonight's Meet the Frasers season finale to see if they get engaged!