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Sounds like someone had a good birthday.

On Wednesday, Elle Fanning relived her 21st birthday during her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the Maleficent actress admitted that her karaoke celebration, which included a duet with sister Dakota Fanning to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats," didn't end on a high note thanks to a "mixture" of champagne and tequila shots.

"I threw up. A lot," she confessed to host Jimmy Kimmel. "In the Uber on the ride home."

Joking that her rating on the app definitely took a hit, Elle added, "Well, I didn't use my…it wasn't on my Uber, it was my friend's."

Curious to know more about the incident, Jimmy asked just how much damage the Super 8 star had caused. "Well, you know, the story is a bit hazy for sure, but I've been told that the Uber driver was really nice," Elle continued. "He was. And he had a stash of, like, throw up baggies in his car, so like, he obviously gets this a lot."

Unfortunately for Elle, a throw up baggie was not enough. "I got the bag…but it was a lot, you know?" she shared, admitting she considered throwing up out of the car's window. "We kept telling him that I ate bad fish: ‘It was, like, bad fish. Sorry, sorry. It was, like, bad fish.'"

Despite their attempts to reassure the driver, Elle thinks her attire definitely gave away that it was from a fun night out. "It was like, he totally knows. I have glitter. Like, I'm probably wearing, like, a 21st birthday hat, you know?" 

Switching gears, the late night host asked the newly-turned 21-year-old if she has found her signature cocktail yet, which launched Elle into a relatable explanation of her ordering anxiety at bars.

"It took me some time to figure out my drink because I feel like I have this kind of restaurant-bar anxiety, especially when you're out with friends—or whoever—and you're like…even the bartender I'm like…I get anxiety of, like, what I'm ordering," she explained. "If he's judging me, like, ‘That's not right. That's not classy…or it's not the right time of the day to drink that.'"

But after careful consideration and experimentation, the Teen Spirit star has finally found her drink of choice: A vodka martini, extra dirty. 

Watch Elle recall her not so fun Uber ride and explain to Jimmy how to order the perfect martini in the video above!

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