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Harry Styles is getting personal.

The Fine Line singer appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show on Monday morning, where he opened up about his music, his rumored collab with Adele, One Direction and much more. Styles even gave a shout-out to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift during the interview. The 26-year-old also addressed his recent robbery, which occurred in London on Valentine's Day.

The Metropolitan Police told E! News earlier this month that they're investigating reports of a knife point robbery in Spaniards Road, Hampstead. 

"Officers were contacted on Saturday, 15 February regarding the incident which happened at 23.50hrs on Friday, 14 February," the police shared. "It was reported that a man in his 20s was approached by another man and threatened him with a knife. The victim was not injured however, cash was taken from him."

Following the scary incident, Styles assured fans that he's doing "OK," as he continued to make public appearances.

Now, Styles is talking more about the robbery and spilling more personal details. Let's take a look at all of the bombshells in Styles' interview with Stern:

Valentine's Day Robbery: "It was on Valentine's Day. That's what you get for being single these days, I guess. I should have had other plans. I was home, I'm about five minutes from home. I'm walking up and I see this group of guys and they've all got like hoods up and their faces covered...I turn my music off...and I'm walking up the street and I keep kind of turning around and the guys crossed the road. And I'm like, 'That's weird.' I hear shuffling of feet trying to catch up to me, so I crossed the street and then they crossed the street, and I'm like, 'Oh f--k sake.' Then I crossed the street again and they crossed the street again and then they crossed the street again. And I'm like, 'Oh for f--k sake, I think I'm about to get robbed.' So they guy's like, 'Hey, can we talk to you for a minute?' And there's nobody around, so I'm like, 'Sure.' And he's like, 'Do you smoke weed?' And I said, 'No.' And he goes, 'Do you want some weed?' And I thought, 'No.' And then he was like, 'What have you got on you?'"

That's when Styles said that the group gathered around him. He also noted that he filed a police report and clarified it wasn't just one guy, it was a group of them. Styles told Stern that the group tried to get him to unlock his phone and hand it over, but he didn't want to. At that moment, the lights changed and he "sprinted" toward cars that were coming in his direction. The cars didn't let him in, but he sprinted toward a market place nearby.

Adele, Harry Styles

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On Adele Collaboration Rumors: When asked if he's working on something with Adele after being spotted on vacation together, Styles denied the speculation. "I feel like that's just any time two musicians hang out," Styles said. "Either they're dating or they're recording together."

Dating: "It's always kind of a balance thing, because you want to date normally but then, you also want to protect it so it can be normal," Harry shared. "I think a big part of it is like, you wanna be able to spend enough time with each other where you can get to know each other before you have to deal with the extra stuff."

Styles notes that he's not on any dating apps.

Marriage: When asked about the idea of marriage, Styles said, "I'd like to be. It's definitely what I would like to do."

On Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction: "I don't know if I could say it's something he shouldn't have done. I just didn't feel that way. So, it's hard for me to condemn it, 'cause I don't. Especially in hindsight looking at it now, the last thing that I would've wanted is for him to have stayed there if he didn't want to be there."

Taylor Swift: When asked about people writing songs about him, Styles said, "I think it's like flattering, even if the song isn't that flattering, you still spent time on it and ultimately, using Taylor as an example, she's a great songwriter. So, at least they're good songs."

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