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Islanders, are you wondering if your favorite Love Island couple is still together after obsessively watching their romance play out in the villa? Ditto!

With the winter season of Love Island's sixth season officially underway in the UK (and now available on Hulu, praise be!), we decided it was the perfect time to check in on season five's couples and see which ones were able to make it work in the real-world. Plus, we also have updates on all of the couples that made it to the end of the inaugural season of CBS' US version of Love Island. Spoiler alert: let's just say the success rate is less than great. Sometimes what happens in the villa stays in the villa...

Still, some fan-favorite couples have managed to defy the odds over the years, so we also included all of the couples from the first four seasons of the UK version that have made it work, even going on to get married and start families...

So grab your water bottle with your name on it, put on your skimpiest bikini (and, for the love of Iain Stirling, put on some sunscreen, too!) and find out which Love Island couples are still banterin' in their post-villa lives...

Love Island, Zac and Elizabeth

Instagram/Elizabeth Weber

Love Island, Dylan and Alex

Instagram/Dylan Curry

Love Island, Caro and Ray

Instagram/Ray Gantt

Love Island, Cashel and Kyra

Instagram/Cashel Barnett

Love Island, Weston and Emily

Instagram/Weston Richey

Love Island UK, Amber and Greg

Instagram/Amber Gill

Love Island UK, Molly-Mae and Tommy

Instagram/Molly-Mae Hague

Love Island UK, Maura and Curtis

Instagram/Curtis Pritchard

Love Island UK, Ovie and India

Instagram/Ovie Soko

Love Island UK, Lucie and Joe

Instagram/Joe Garratt

Love Island UK, Anton and Belle

Instagram/Belle Hassan

Love Island UK, Dom and Jess

Instagram/Dom Lever

Love Island UK, Camilla and Jamie

Instagram/Camilla Thurlow

Love Island UK, Cara and Nathan

Instagram/Nathan Massey

Love Island UK, Olivia and Alex

Instagram/Olivia Bowen Buckland

Love Island UK's sixth season is currently available to watch on Hulu; season two of Love Island USA will return this summer on CBS.

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