Celebrate Kristin Cavallari's Birthday With the Funniest Moments From Very Cavallari

By Kelsey Klemme 05 Jan, 2020 3:00 PMTags

We know, you can barely wait for Very Cavallari to return on Jan. 9, but in the meantime there is still reason to celebrate because it's Kristin Cavallari's birthday!

The reality TV star and founder of the jewelry line Uncommon James is ringing in another year around the sun.

Since tuning in to her Laguna Beach, and then of course The Hills, we've been a part of many chapters of the designer's life for over 15 years now and have been with her through all the highs and lows.

That includes the past two seasons of her E! show, where she has allowed us into the day-to-day of her life, including her entrepreneurial journey and her marriage with Jay Cutler.

Spending so much time with the mom on-screen means we kind of feel like we're a part of the Nashville crew and have plenty of reasons that we adore watching her!

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler's Cutest Pics

Ahead of all the thrills of the upcoming season—including the drama around her friendship fallout with Kelly Henderson and hilarity of cleaning baby chicken butts with Jay—we're throwing back to some compilations of our favorite things about Kristin.

Be sure to tune into the show when it returns to see what else she has in store!

She's Got the Best One Liners Around

From quipping, "Oh, they spit" about rogue camels to admitting that her husband loved trying her breast milk, Kristin is endlessly quotable in her show. There is a line for every mood, like when she bluntly states, "Oh, I can drink," or how, "Instagram, it's a full-time job."

Another year older means another year wiser, so we can't wait to see what zingers she'll be throwing out this season.

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She's Refreshingly Honest About Married Life

One thing we love about Very Cavallari is how much Kristin and Jay allow us to take an intimate look into the highs and lows of their marriage.

From seeing Jay cutely bake Kristin a cake to watching Kristin open up about how to best support one another in their busy schedules and careers, we feel like we're almost a third-wheel in the relationship and love the unfiltered look of how they make their relationship work.

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She Has a Great Sense of Style

Work it!

Even back when the Denver native was starring on Laguna Beach, Kristin has always been a fashionista whose looks we love to cop.

It makes perfect sense that she went on to create her own line of jewelry to pair with her stunning ensembles.