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We've all been there! 

Back when Zoey Deutch was an unknown actress looking for her big break, she got her start in a small role on the Disney channel original show The Suite Life on Deck. The show starred twins Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse, and Zoey was cast as Dylan's characters girlfriend. Anyone would be nervous having their first major onscreen role in front of a mega-successful teen heartthrob, and Zoey wasn't immune to a little bit of fear. She talked with W Magazine about the hilarious experience. 

"I was 3 years old when I decided I wanted to be an actress," she shared about her career. "I was really getting into my made-up storylines of my Barbie and her dream boat crashing and her breakup with Ken, but my parents were very hesitant about letting a 3-year-old act professionally. Finally, they let me try out for a part on a Disney sitcom called The Suite Life on Deck. I played Zack's girlfriend, and Zack was played by Dylan Sprouse." 

It was a nerve wracking experience for the young actress to say the least. "Yes. I have a sweating under the armpits problem, and they would put me in these tight shirts," she explained of the role. "We had tapings in front of a live audience, and there would be five people with blow-dryers trying to dry me off. Other than the sweat, it was great."

Flash forward to a few years later and Zoey has slowly become one of the go-to actresses in Hollywood. Especially thanks to her breakout role in the Netflix romantic comedy Set It Up alongside Glen Powell. Her days of sweating it out as a child actress are over—literally and figuratively! 

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