Watch Kristin Cavallari Shock Jay Cutler With Her Precise Axe Throwing Skills

By Alyssa Ray 02 Jan, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler's Axe Throwing Abilities Get Shown Up

Kristin Cavallari has found the one sport Jay Cutler isn't a pro at.

In this clip from season three of Very Cavallari (returning Thursday, Jan. 9), the Uncommon James boss and the retired NFL athlete double date with Justin Anderson and his boyfriend Scoot. This isn't any ordinary double date as the foursome swing by an axe throwing range.

Understandably, this activity has Kristin feeling "nervous" and wanting proper instruction on how to throw an axe.

"Women tend to be better than men," the Class Axe employee assures the Very Cavallari star. "They see an axe, they see a target—while we're coaching it's kinda like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I throw yet?' They don't want the coaching until it doesn't work."

Nonetheless, the employee demonstrates the proper way to throw an axe. At the start, Justin and Scoot take to the technique, hitting the target every time.

"This is fun," Scoot exclaims while giving a little shimmy.

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While watching Justin and Scoot succeed at axe throwing, Kristin grows more anxious as she's feeling the "pressure."

"I'll take the pressure off," Jay quips as he goes up for his turn.

Initially, Kristin thinks her husband will succeed as "he's good at all kinds of sports." However, the former Chicago Bears quarterback struggles to get the axe to stick.

"This is bothering me," the father of three remarks after several failed attempts.

In a hilarious turn of events, Kristin ends up hitting bullseye during her first try. As Kristin hits bullseye once more, Jay declares this outing a "nightmare."

"I thought that Jay was gonna be the best one there," Justin reflects in a confessional.

"I mean, yeah. One would assume," Kristin states in support.

Ironically, despite her nerves, Kristin is the clear axe throwing victor.

For this funny outing, be sure to watch the clip above.