Ready to say "aww!" a lot and/or feel like hugging the next person you see?

Welcome to our new feature: Feel Good Friday. Every Friday, we're going to highlight several stories that went viral over the week, whether it's a colorblind boy seeing color for the first time or an an entire kindergarten class showing up to cheer on their five-year-old classmate at his adoption.

With so much negativity going on, we felt it was nice to take a moment to stop and savor the kindness of strangers and the selfless acts that deserve just as much attention and appreciation. 

This week, we're sharing the viral story of a man who gave his first class seat to make an 88-year-old woman's "dream" come true, as well as the kindergartener who decides to start selling cookies to help make sure her fellow classmates could afford their lunches.

And did you know that an Forrest Gump actor took over 1,000 people to Disney World as an early holiday present? 

You know the best way to spread holiday cheer for all to hear? Sharing feel good stories like these...

Gary Sinise, Gary Sinise Foundation's Snowball Express, Feel Good Friday

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Colleen Powell Wedding, Feel Good Friday

Eve Yarbrough Photography

Kindness Project, Karina Hardee

Karina Hardee

Man Gives Up First Class Seat

Leah Amy, Facebook

Schitt's Creek Pop-Up Engagement, Instagram


Little Girl Calls 911

Franklin Lakes Police

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