Camila Cabelloand Shawn Mendes' "Señorita" is a hit, and James Corden wants in.

On Wednesday, Cabello tweeted a video to her fans living in the U.K. reminding them about her upcoming world tour. "Hello U.K. and Ireland!" she started off in the clip. "Pre-order my album Romance now, so you can have access to my Romance tour coming up next year!" That's when Corden popped in.

As he quipped, "Oh, yeah, I booked mine! Done mine. Got my pre-order all done. Yeah, I'm excited." But he had some unfinished business to address with Cabello.

"But I'm concerned," he admitted, "'cause you said to pre-order the album, which means it's nearly out but we haven't done our duet yet." That duet, as The Late Late Show host joked, was the couple's Grammy nominated collaboration released this summer. "You know that song 'Señorita' that you were saying that we should probably sing that together?" Corden quipped. "That's still happening, right?"

Cabello, playing it cool, responded as if the song with her love wasn't already out. "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!" she said. "For sure. We'll do that. We'll do that. Yeah, yeah. We'll do that." Oh, no, Corden! There you go making her a liar.

Once the Cats star turned away, Cabello shot a hilarious look to the camera. But uh oh, he saw. As Corden said, "Wait, what was that?" And then, the video was over.

Of course, it's far too late for Corden to sing the steamy duet with Cabello. It's already hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, has won an American Music Award and is up for a Grammy in 2020.

Better luck next time, though!

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