5 Daring Destinations To Add to Your Bucket List

We looked to the most epic adventures you could undertake across the world to satiate your wanderlust

By Kimberly Ong 01 Nov, 2019 12:03 AMTags

Paris? Been there. Italy? Done that.

If you're longing for something new to satiate your thrill for adventure, look no further, for we've got a list of daring destinations to add to your bucket list.

Inspired by Abominable, an animated adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Chinese company Pearl Studio, we looked to the most epic adventures you could undertake across the world to satiate your wanderlust. Much like teenager Yi (played by Chloe Bennet) — the protagonist of the animated film — who embarks on an epic quest to reunite a young Yeti she encounters on the roof of her apartment in Shanghai with his family at the highest point on Earth.

But daring destinations don't just exist on screen — they are available in real life, too, and fully available for you to experience. Here are five destinations you should see for yourself at least once in your lifetime.

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Galapágos Islands, Ecuador

One of the world's foremost destinations for wild-life viewing, The Galapagos Islands are a series of volcanic land masses in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador. With a diverse set of flora and fauna never seen elsewhere, this was the island that inspired the research of Charles Darwin. Large mammals and predators never made the trip to this island, so the animals of the Galapagos have not learned fear. That's right, that means you can get up close and personal with playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises.

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Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbawbwe

Heading to these two countries will let you see Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall and one of the most majestic water spectacles in the world from both sides, each providing their own unique experience. Its 108-metre high cascade once recorded flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second, double that of Niagara's highest flow. Additionally, you can go white water rafting down the Zambezi river, which is clock-full of crocs and hippos. You can also go canoeing and fishing, as well as game drives and walks for sights for an untouched Zambia replete with hippos, elephants, and other animals.

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Patagonia or the Atacama Desert, Chile

Untouched landscapes with magnificent glaciers, snow-capped peaks and turquoise lakes... Patagonia is an outdoor adventurer's dream, with options for horseback riding, glacier trekking, or fly fishing alongside its surreal landscape, with world-class skiing during its winter months (mid-June through September). You can also opt for whale watching from September to October. Fun fact: The fossils of the world's largest ever dinosaur to walk to Earth was found right in Patagonia!

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Cradled between India and China, Nepal consists of astounding views and unbeatable experiences for any thrill seeker. Home to Mount Everest, the Himalayan terrain provides some of the most stunning trekking routes. You can also engage in white water rafting, or paragliding across the panoramic views of the lakes, jungles, villages and monasteries alongside native birds such as the Himalayan griffins and eagles, or even ziplining across one of the world's longest, steepest, and fastest zipline for the ultimate daring adventure.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Vancouver, Canada

Experience Vancouver the way birds do and take a walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park for an unforgettably thrilling experience. The 450-foot long and 230-foot high bridge allows you to descend into a canyon and walk along the cliff wall for an unprecedented view over the vast treetops.

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Abominable hits theatres on 26 September in Thailand, 2 October in the Philippines, 4 October in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and 7 November in Singapore and Malaysia.