Hailey Bieber Defends Normani From "Racist" Critic of Her Cher Halloween Costume

Normani just wanted to pay tribute to a music icon for Halloween, but somebody thought she would have been better off choosing a different one.

By Corinne Heller 01 Nov, 2019 10:22 PMTags

Hailey Bieber is not going to stand by and let a online troll criticize Normani.

The singer posted on her Instagram page on Halloween pics of herself recreating a semi-nude photo shoot Cher did in 1979, complete with a shimmering silver wig.

"I don't think this is the right costume for a black girl," one user commented on one of her posts. "Cher is white and Cher was thing, Cher did a lot you not even close to her you black people think you own everything not fair you could've done beyonce or rihanna or janet but no cher cher is white respect her."

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with Normani dressed up as Cher for Halloween," Hailey responded. "What do you mean by the first sentence? She can do it because she wants to, she is doing much better than you, you're behind a computer complaining about a costume. Stop being racist and get out of her page if you don't like it. It's 2019 and you're still supporting the garbage of [President Donald] Trump, Marta."

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Normani has not responded to her critic.

Many other celebs complimented her on her costume.

The list included Maksim Chmerkovskiy, whose brother Val Chmerkovskiy partnered with Normani on Dancing With the Stars in 2017, Kelly RowlandKylie JennerAriana Grande, and Calvin Harris.