KARD Spills The Beans On The Most Sentimental Member, Their Music Idols And More

E! caught up with the vivacious co-ed K-pop group in Thailand

By Hanan Haddad 29 Oct, 2019 8:41 AMTags
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If we are talking in terms of poker, co-ed K-pop group KARD is definitely a royal flush.

Talent, looks, great personalities and impeccable sense of street style, the four member group consisting of rappers B.M and J.seph as well as vocalists Somin and Jiwoo have been making waves since their debut in 2016. 

Fast forward to 2019 and KARD just wrapped their North American tour in Atlanta, Georgia after releasing their brand new single, "Dumb Litty". The banger of a track was not only co-written by B.M but also featured all the elements we love about KARD; hard-hitting beat drops, beautiful vocals and rap verses dripping with swag. 

E! caught up with KARD while the group was in Bangkok, Thailand for the launch of new Asics-BND sneakers as they are the sports brand's first global ambassador. Jiwoo, Somin, B.M and J.Seph spilled the tea on the most sentimental member, the origin of their group and what it's like being one of the very few successful co-ed groups in K-pop. 

E!: Tell us, what's the story behind the name 'KARD'?

B.M: Each letter represents a character of the group. So, 'K' would be the King card, which I represent. There's the Ace card which J.seph represents. As for joker, there are two Joker cards; the coloured Joker represents Jiwoo and the black Joker is Somin. That leaves us with 'D' which is the most important card. The 'D' in our name is a hidden card which represents the fans. So, we are all one!

Beyond the name, KARD is also special in terms of the members within it. What do you think are the advantages you have as one of the only mixed-gender group in K-pop today?

B.M: I used to think that it was the ability to have both a girl voice and a guy voice on one song. But nowadays, when I look at my fellow members, I see them differently from when we first debut. Now, I feel like we are just a group of four really dope artists that just always feature on each other's songs. That's just what it feels like. 

It has been two years since KARD made their debut. You guys have grown so much since then. What was the most important lesson you have learnt in your music career so far?

J.seph: First of all, as a singer, I learnt to show the facets of myself that I wish to show the world, no matter what. I didn't want to just rap. I wanted to be able to showcase my vocals in parts of the verses and I was able to do that during "Bomb Bomb". I was also able to do that for "Ride on the Wind" and "Rumor". When I think back, I was really happy during the production of the album. 

That's wonderful! That means you guys are constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and broadening your skillset. Speaking of music and skills, who are your personal music idols that you look up to? 

B.M: For me, I'd have to say J.Cole and Jay Park. J.Cole because lyrically he's really intellectual and writes songs that make you think. It wakes you up a little bit. Jay Park is also someone that inspires me because the man works like crazy. His work ethic is something I respect and what to follow. 

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Congratulations on being Asics' first global ambassador! It's an epic achievement. You guys have nailed that athleisure styling when it comes to fashion. How would you style your Asics-BND for everyday?

J.seph: I'd pair them with dark colours. This time round, my go-to airport style is all-black. When you wear an all-black outfit and then have these sneakers on, I feel like it pops and your eyes will be naturally drawn to the shoes. 

Somin: I think that denim or joggers would go well with these shoes. 

Jiwoo: For me, I like to match sporty sneakers with dresses or skirts. For instance, at the airport, I wore these shoes with a dress and jacket. It's simple but they go really well together. 

Catch KARD's epic music video of their latest single, "Dumb Litty" here