Jay Park Reveals His New Business Venture And Talks About Dealing With Burnout

The K-pop star turned CEO tells us what's next for the superstar

By Hanan Haddad 22 Oct, 2019 9:36 AMTags
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32-year-old K-pop star turned CEO and entrepreneur Jay Park is famous for paving his own way in the music industry.

Once a member of popular K-pop boy group 2PM, he is now a successful solo hip-hop artist in his own right with not one, but two music labels under his belt, AOMG and H1gher Music. 

However, this music enterpriser is far from done. 

E! Asia got the chance to catch up with the star while he was in town as a guest for British clothing brand Paul Smith and his own SEXY 4EVA concert in Singapore that weekend.

Here, Park reveals his new business venture, a brand new soju company that he is currently working on, his creative process when it comes to music and more. 

Rocking freshly dyed, bright blue locks, Park caused a ruckus at the grand opening of Paul Smith's boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The rapper is known for his iced-out soju bottle necklaces and is constantly repping South Korea in this unique way, we asked Park if we'll be seeing a soju-related release from him.

"It's actually something we're working on right now," Park said. "It'll be called Won Soju. The bottle will be clear with a white and light blue design."

He explained that there was a lot of significance in the name "Won" as it can signify South Korea's currency, victory, the number one and even a circle in the Korean language. Picking soju as his next business venture outside of music seemed like a natural path for Park as he has professed his love for the local beverage in multiple interviews. 

Just like hip-hop, Park pursues the things he is passionate about. "I don't like to do anything just for the sake of money," the rapper explained. "I like to do things that I care about and I know about."

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In South Korea, female stars such as Red Velvet's Irene, Hyolyn, Suzy Bae and IU traditionally front soju commercials and posters. Male models for soju do exist, for instance Park Seo-Joon for the brand Chamiseul.

However, they are rare and often showcase a clean-cut, "boyfriend" image, so it will be interesting to see how Park will be marketing Won Soju, whether it be in his music videos or perhaps with an edgier, hip-hop concept. After all, the CEO continues to break boundaries and explore new frontiers with his work. 

Beyond his future ventures, Park is still very much involved with managing his artists and creating new music. He is currently on his SEXY 4EVA World Tour which began on 6 July in Seoul and will be performing in a whopping 32 cities, spanning over Asia, Europe and North America. 

With such a hectic schedule and over a decade of experience in the music industry under his belt, we asked Park how his creative process has changed now that he is not just solely focusing on himself but also the artists under him.

"Usually it wasn't too hard for me to make music and be creative, but I think I was kind of burned out for a little bit," Park replied. "So my creative juices weren't really flowing for a few months. But I'm getting out of that slump and revving things back up. An artist is an artist all the time, so it's all about achieving that balance between your art and your reality." 

Park has consistently been working on his music, putting out a studio album titled The Road Less Traveled just this year, on top of singles such as "On Fire" with Yultron and filming AOMG's first music survival reality show, Signhere. 

This man is constantly hustling, showing that great success can come to those who put in the work, so cheers to the ever-evolving Jay Park!