K-Pop Idol Groups Hashtag And Noir To Appear On NBC's Treadstone

The US-Korea crossover we never knew we needed

By Pakkee Tan 09 Oct, 2019 7:04 AMTags
Noir, Luk FactoryCourtesy of Luk Factory

The world of Jason Bourne just got that bit more... glamorous?

K-pop idol groups Hashtag and Noir are lending their glitzy star power to the dark, dangerous world of NBC-owned, USA Network's television series Treadstone, according to report by The Korea Times

Treadstone is set in the world of Jason Bourne, and focuses on Operation Treadstone, the fictional CIA black ops program that produced Bourne, which new unstoppable superhuman assassins through behaviour modification. The first series focused on "sleeper agents" awakening to carry out deadly missions.

It is not known which episodes the K-pop groups will appear on, but the buzz is already building among their fans to see their idols on the American series.

Speaking of their experience shooting on set, the idols said in a statement, "We appreciate being cast and we tried not to get in the way of shooting. We felt grateful just being there on the set."

Courtesy of Luk Factory

Hashtag and Noir are both managed by LUK Factory. Seven-member girl group Hashtag made their debut in the K-pop industry with the song "Hue" and will be releasing a digital single later this month. Meanwhile, Noir is a nine-member boy band that burst onto the scene in 2018, and count singles such as "Doom Doom" and "GANGSTA" in their repertoire. 

Treadstone will air on USA Network from 15 October, so keep an eye out for these two K-pop groups in the series.