Everything You Need To Know About SuperM's Ambitious Debut

From pop-up stores to a North American tour, this group is ready for world domination

By Hanan Haddad 03 Oct, 2019 8:04 AMTags
SuperM, SM EntertainmentCourtesy of SM Entertainment

We are moments away from the highly anticipated debut of the Avengers of K-pop, SuperM. The seven-member super group from SM Entertainment consisting of EXO's Kai and Baekhyun, NCT127's Mark and Taeyong, WayV's Ten and Lucas and SHINee's Taemin.

With all these established stars in one group, SuperM has set its sights on the international market, particularly the US, where the group will make their official debut. 

It seems like SM Entertainment is pulling out all the stops for SuperM's debut with pop-stores, the announcement of a North American tour, a press conference and more.

On top of all that, teasers, photos and stills have been released consistently in the days leading up to 4 October. For those who are new to the world of K-pop, the information might be overwhelming and even for fans of the members, it may be hard to keep track of the group's activities. 

Hence, consider this you cheatsheet of all the exciting events surrounding this formidable new K-pop group.

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1. SuperM's will debut with their title track, "Jopping".

Their eponymous mini-album has already been up for pre-order and will be released worldwide on 4 October this year. Out of the five tracks that made it to the album, "Jopping" has been chosen to be their title and debut track. 

From the looks of the teaser that was shared on the group's official Twitter, the music video is set to be a blockbuster with powerful performances and incredible sets. In just 30 seconds, we see tanks, helicopters, motorcycles and a stadium of some sort set to a powerful electric guitar chords that will set your hearts racing. 

The music video was shot in Dubai this year.

Check out the teaser in delicious 4K below: 

2. Catch SuperM's music video first, together with the members.

If you just can't wait, SM Entertainment announced that SuperM will be holding a livestream today, on 3 October, 8pm PST. All seven members will be present for the livestream and there will also be a live Q&A segment where fans can tweet their burning questions using the hashtag, #AskSuperM. 

Additionally, those who reside in Los Angeles will have the added opportunity to see the group in person during the event. Fans in LA can register here and stand a chance to win tickets to this livestream event with their idols. 

Fortunately, fans can also watch the livestream anywhere in the world and watch the premiere of SuperM's much-anticipated music video below:

3. SuperM will perform live on the Ellen Degeneres Show

On 2 October, it was announced that SuperM will be performing at the Ellen Degeneres Show, one of the biggest talk shows in daytime television. 

Previously, other popular K-pop groups such as BTS and Monsta X have also performed on the show. Due to SuperM's unique predisposition, they will be performing less than a week after their official debut, on 9 October this year. 

4. SuperM announced a North American tour

Yesterday, SuperM revealed the dates and locations of their We Are The Future tour that begins on 11 November at Texas. Ten shows have been confirmed so far with more to come, well into the new year. 

This situation is the first of its kind as most K-pop groups that debut will hold their concerts domestically before entering the international market. However, since individual members of SuperM already have strong fan-bases worldwide, a world tour will not carry the usual set of risks. 

Tickets will go on sale on 5 October and will include a copy of their mini-album too. More dates will be revealed in future and it is likely that the group will perform in locations outside of North America after that. 

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5. SuperM pop-up stores will be set up in Seoul and Hollywood

In the lead up to their debut, SM Entertainment has announced that SuperM pop-up stores will be set up both in Seoul and LA, for about a week. The pop-up store in Seoul will run at the SM Celebrity Centre from 7 to 13 October while the Hollywood store will open at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard from 6 to 13 October. 

The pop-up will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes content, as well as practice clips, photos and their "Jopping" music video. These stores not only help the group connect with more fans, it also will create greater public awareness and exposure for the group.

6. Catch SuperM's first live performance in Hollywood

If fans are not located in the US, don't sweat it! You can catch their epic live stage direct from Capitol Records in Hollywood via SM Entertainment's official YouTube channel. 

The performance will be livestreamed at 7pm on 5 October. Those who are lucky enough to be around that area can visit the SuperM Village for free. 

Finally, we're all caught up and all our calendars are marked for SuperM's explosive debut!