Korean Actress Park Shin-Hye Tells Us The Secret To Her Phenomenal Success

The South Korean actress talks career highlights, favourite film right now and dealing with difficult shoots

By Pakkee Tan 02 Oct, 2019 1:37 AMTags
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Park Shin-hye is no stranger to the entertainment industry, but she's managed to keep her spot among the industry's top stars for much longer than others.

At her recent Voice of Angel fan meet in Tokyo, it was abundantly clear why.

Personable, charming and humble, the actress effortlessly exuded the grace of a top star, yet delighted fans with her hands-on manner when interacting with them.

Naturally that got us curious about the secret of her success — something that we asked her in the interview we held with her.

"First, I don't have a secret. I actually am surprised that I'm receiving so much love today," she told E! News Asia. "In 2003, I shot my first drama and I remember just thinking how fun this is to be on set. To live the life of another character was very intriguing, and it was just fun being able to act professionally."

She added, "Doing something you enjoy and continuing to find enjoyment in your work, I think this might be why so many people have shared their love with me."

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It's this self-effacing quality that has made her so many fans from around world, but there's no denying the skill and professionalism that she brings to the table even when faced with difficult shoots.

Her key to handling them? 

"As my job requires me to express many emotions, I empty my mind and heart to focus on the role. After every job, I make sure to take ample rest, which I find helps a lot as this is a job that requires me to convey many emotions, I have to empty my mind, and my heart," she told us.

Of course, some R&R with loved ones always helps her to recharge for her next role.

"More than anything, I try to find time to spend with my family or friends or to spend travelling, in order to overcome any challenges," she said.

That got us curious about what Park does on her own time. Turns out, she's just like just like us: A good movie does the trick!

"Out of the recent films I've seen, I've really enjoyed A Star is Born. I think I like movies that are about music," she said with a laugh.

For more interesting tidbits about the South Korean actress, watch the full interview above.