Ushering In Libra Season: All The Korean Celebrities Celebrating Their Birthday This Month

Once you seen them you'll realize why Libras are the most charming of air signs

By Hanan Haddad 02 Oct, 2019 1:40 AMTags
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It's time to bring balance to our lives became it's officially Libra season! 

Symbolised by the balancing scales, people born under this air sign loves harmony and synergy. Often times they play the middle-man role and get stuck in between arguments, however, they would run away before ever picking a side. Confrontation is just not in the Libra schedule, but they make time to lend a listening ear for anyone, anytime. Hence, they are masters in diplomacy and peace-keeping. 

As with most air signs, Libras are social butterflies and enjoy conversations about just about anything. Constantly seeking inspiration through mediums such as art, books and films, Libras love to be stimulated mentally with discussions and not debates. 

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The wonderful thing about Libras is that while they love digging deeper into topics, they also love frivolous activities such as shopping, looking at latest fashion or even a spa-session. This sign truly has a penchant for the finer things in life and they are not shy about it.

Ruled by Venus, Libras are all about aesthetics in all facets of the word—striving for, appreciating and obsessing over beauty. This may lead to other people thinking that Libras are superficial, especially when it comes to love. Then again, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things? 

Speaking of beautiful people, celebrate the season with these stunning Libras: 

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

The Sydney-born leader of Stray Kids turns 22 on 3 October this year. 

Key (SHINee)

The sassiest member of iconic K-pop boy group SHINee, Key turned 28 on 23 September. 

Jiwoo (KARD)

One fourth of K-pop's co-ed group KARD, Jiwoo will be turning 23 on 4 October. 


Big Matthew of co-ed K-pop group KARD will be turning 27-years-old on 20 October. 


Former leader of K-pop boy group iKON, B.I will turn 23 on 22 October. 

Meng Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls)

Member of South Korean-Chinese girl group Cosmic Girls turns the big two-one on 15 October. 

Suzy Bae

Former Miss A member turned actress, Suzy Bae will be turning 25 on 10 October. 

Jimin (BTS)

A beloved member of the biggest K-pop group today BTS, Jimin will be turning 24-years-old on 13 October this year. 

Henry Lau

Canadian-born singer and former Super Junior M member, Henry Lau will be hitting the big 30 on 11 October. 

Lay Zhang (EXO)

Chinese singer-songwriter and member of EXO, Lay Zhang turns 28 on 7 October. 

Yoo Ah-In

South Korean actor, creative director, and gallerist, Yoo Ah-In will be turning 33 on 6 October. 

Jooheon (MONSTA X)

Rapper extraordinaire of K-pop boy group MONSTA X, Jooheon turns 25 on 6 October. 

Yoon Eun-Hye

Star of iconic dramas such as Coffee Prince and Princess Hours, South Korean actress Yoon Eun-Hye turns 35 on 3 October. 

Joo Won

The Good Doctor turned 32-years-old on 30 September. 


WINNER's Jinu turned 28 on 26 September this year. 

Hyun Bin

Hallyu superstar Hyun Bin just turned 37-years-old on 25 September.