Kang Daniel Has Ended His Legal Battle With LM Entertainment

The two parties came to an agreement with the help of the Korea Entertainment Management Association

By Pakkee Tan 27 Sep, 2019 6:27 AMTags
Kang Daniel, What are you up to MVCourtesy of Konnect Entertainment

DANITYs can breathe a sigh of relief, because K-pop idol Kang Daniel has settled his legal dispute with LM Entertainment.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) was the main mediator between the two parties. Today, the association announced that both Kang and LM Entertainment "decided to prevent further issue and damages caused by a drawn out legal dispute."

They have reportedly reached a decision, with LM Entertainment agreeing to "Kang Daniel's promotions with a new agency, in order to foster a positive cultural and entertainment environment", and both parties have withdrawn their official complaints.

"Kang Daniel has withdrawn his request for an injunction on his contract, as well as his lawsuit, and LM Entertainment has withdrawn their objection to the injunction request," a CEMA representative said. "Simultaneously, the legal dispute has come to a complete end with both parties' agreement to terminate their contracts with each other.

This means that both parties will also not pursue civil or criminal lawsuits against each other, or take any other legal action regarding their contracts. 

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Kang's KONNECT Entertainment also confirmed the news about the agreement with LM Entertainment.

"We thank CEMA for helping open up communications, and we also apologise to the industry, the media, and all to whom we caused concern with the legal dispute," a KONNECT Entertainment representative said.

The representative added, "We ask for your continued interest and encouragement for Kang Daniel's future activities."

This marks the end of a six-month-long legal battle between Kang and his former management company. Kang broke away from LM Entertainment in March over alleged breaches in his contract — Kang subsequently won the legal battle against LM Entertainment in court. Kang then set up his own management agency, KONNECT Entertainment, to manage his career as an independent artist.

Kang made his debut in July with his first solo album, Color On Me, which sold 342,218 copies in one day, setting a brand new record in South Korea for the most album sales in 24 hours by a solo artist. 

The "What Are You Up To" singer recently held his first fan meet in several cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei to promote his album.