E! Asia Takes On EVERGLOW's "Bon Bon Chocolat" K-pop Dance Challenge: Watch

Witness the formation of new K-pop trio NEVERGLOW

By E! Asia Staff 20 Sep, 2019 10:09 AMTags
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What happens when E! Asia's rhythmically-challenged team take on a K-pop dance challenge? Answer: Chaos. 

In a special episode of K-popping, E! Asia's host, Yvette King, Kim Jeong Won of Kim's Klassroom and Senior Digital Writer, Hanan Haddad bravely took on the challenge of learning the point dance of EVERGLOW's "Bon Bon Chocolat". The summer bop was a total hit when it was released in March 2019, thanks to its catchy chorus and unique dance routine. 

To help the team learn the steps was dance instructor, Josephine Hung, who schooled the three very anxious students on the choreography. 

Follow along the tutorial portion of the episode if you'd like to learn the point dance of "Bon Bon Chocolat" for yourselves and laugh along with the E!'s very own K-pop trio, NEVERGLOW.