Bentley Hammington Is The Youngest Mukbang Star You Never Knew You Needed

The one-year-old star of the popular "The Return of Superman" show is here to brighten up your day

By Pakkee Tan 20 Sep, 2019 3:08 AMTags
Bentley Hammington, The Return Of SupermanInstagram/Bentley Hammington

He's got more than half a million fans on Instagram. Many watch his every chomp, bite and slurp. And... he's only one year old?

Meet Bentley Hammington, the second son of South Korea-based, Australian comedian Sam Hammington. Bentley may be a recent addition to the popular kids-focused reality TV show, The Return of Superman, but he has certainly captured the hearts — and eyeballs – of fans around the world in that short span of time.

His specialty? Eating!

The celebrity baby's eyes light up whenever a snack is proffered or when there's food on the table, and it's pure entertainment when you see him do battle with his food with all the gusto of a greedy gourmand.

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Not to beleaguer the point, but the mukbang baby is extremely popular. Nielsen Korea recently reported that the 8 September episode of The Return of Superman saw a spike in real-time ratings when the episode reached the part where Bentley finished his beef ribs and let out a satisfied laugh — ratings rocketed to an astounding 18.6 percent for the episode at this segment.

KBS has definitely taken note of their viewers' love of seeing the gutsy baby chow down, so much so that they have released a 38-minute-long special cut of Bentley's best mukbang moments.

From jjajangmyeon, to freshly steamed seafood, barbecued meats and more, nothing fazes the guzzling gourmand, and nothing can stand in his way once he's spotted food!

Below, enjoy some of his best mukbang moments captured on Instagram.

Mr. Popular

Nothing tastes as good as your own bowl of popcorn.

One At A Time

"What? You mean this is all mine?"

Not Your Nachos

Keeping them all for himself.

More Is Better

Holding on to all the watermelon pieces he can get!

Literally LOL

With his brother William, taking on an ice lolly each.

Sweet As

He's going to infinity and beyond — marshmallows in hand!

Bagel King

He's definitely not sharing.

Double Fisting

Why have one, when you can have two?