All The Highlights From EXO Planet #5 – EXplOration Concert In Singapore

From Kai's epic solo stage to the candid moments on stage, here are all the highlights

By Hanan Haddad 19 Sep, 2019 1:11 AMTags
EXO, EXplOration Concert SingaporeCourtesy of One Production

Top K-pop boy group EXO landed in warm, hazy Singapore and performed to a roaring crowd of EXO-Ls at the National Indoor Stadium on 15 September.

It was their fourth stop in their EXO PLANET #5 EXplOration world tour that started mid-July this year in Seoul, South Korea. The group is set to perform in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan before ending in Miyagi, Japan at the end of 2019. 

The two-hour long concert was filled with their top hits such as "Tempo", "Call Me Baby", "Growl" and some special solo stages that showcased each member's incredible talent. Missing from the performance were Xiumin and D.O., who are currently serving their mandatory military service, and Lay Zhang, who was absent due to work commitments in China. 

Despite being three men down, Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun, Kai and Chen gave it their all and burned the stadium stage with their passionate performances. The verses that were previously sung by absent members were distributed among the six members present and the group performed flawlessly live. 

For those who did not manage to catch EXO's epic concert last Sunday, here are some of the key highlights that day: 

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EXO-Ls Become One

Armed with EXO's official light-sticks, Singapore EXO-Ls were ready to support their favourite boy group while dressed in white. As soon as the members got on stage to perform, the group immediately noticed that the crowd had decided to colour coordinate their wardrobe for that special day. 

After a jaw-dropping start of the concert, the members introduced themselves to the crowd and asked their fans why they chose the colour white for that day. The group made several guesses as the crowd yelled the answer at the top of their lungs. Chanyeol hilariously suggested. "Bowling pins?", while others thought it represented strength (힘).

A few minutes later, Baekhyun realised that it was to symbolise the white cat, L, in the group's "Power" music video. The fans specifically chose that song as it was the track chosen to play at the Dubai Fountain and the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018.

Baekhyun's Incredible Live Solo Performance 

EXO's lead vocalist Baekhyun took the stage immediately after the physically demanding performances of "Tempo", "TRANSFORMER" and "Gravity". Despite that, the leader of SuperM showcased impressive breath-control, vocal ability and physical endurance, singing "UN Village" off of his recently released solo EP, City Lights

The entire stadium was filled with his mellow and soulful voice while the crowd sang the lyrics in unison.

Watch snippets of his live performance below: 

EXO Giving Major Fan Service 

A good portion of the concert featured all six members chatting and interacting with fans. The group tried their best to communicate in English, in particular EXO's leader, Suho. 

He shared with EXO-Ls how much they loved Singapore and what the group was up to before the concert. He said that they saw the Merlion (a mythical creature that symbolises Singapore) statue and basked in the night view. He then said, "It was so beautiful... like you."

Kai Slayed The Stage With "Confession"

Kai treated fans with a very special solo stage that even the other members were hyping up at the beginning of the concert. He showcased an unreleased solo hip-hop track titled "Confession" that featured a heavy base, rap verses and an addictive hook. Coupled with the idol's amazing dance moves, the stage was practically on fire as Kai worked the crowd effortlessly. 

With a taste of what Kai is capable of as a solo performer, we certainly hope that he would get a solo debut soon with more bangers like these. 

Watch a snippet of his epic performance below: 

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EXO Taking Care Of Their Fans 

Mid-way through the concert while the group was chatting with the audience, Chanyeol interrupted Suho when he noticed that the fans in front were being pushed against the barrier by eager fans from the back. The rapper took several minutes asking the people at the back to move further back as the situation at the front got increasingly dangerous for the fans. 

However, fans were too excited to leave their spot and not many were moving at all as they wanted to be closer to the group. Other members chimed in, coaxing the audience by saying that "We can't come back here if any of you are hurt."

Eventually, EXO decided to go to back to the main stage in order to spread the standing audience out and preventing any fans from getting hurt.

Their care and concern for EXO-Ls was the biggest highlight of that evening. 

EXO PLANET #5 EXplOration World Tour will be heading to Bangkok, Thailand next, followed by Taipei, Taiwan at the end of September.