The Hottest K-Pop Backup Dancers You Need To Keep Your Eye On

There's a new league of backup dancers in K-pop who are heating up the stage with their combination of drop-dead good looks and smooth dance moves

By E! Asia Staff 18 Sep, 2019 2:34 AMTags
Cha Hyunseung, Hottest K-Pop Backup DancersInstagram

Have you ever found yourself watching performances of your beloved K-pop idols and then realising that your attention has shifted away from them to their... backup dancers?

Well, we certainly have! With so many talented dance troupes supporting our favourite acts, it's only a matter of time before a number of them caught the eyes of fans and viewers alike.

Some of the earliest backup dancers who found fame include Kwon Young-deuk and Kwon Young-don — otherwise known as the Kwon twins. The duo worked closely with YG artistes and have become mini celebrities in their own right.

And speaking of celebrities, many of these backup dancers did go on to become big stars. Case in point: Monsta X's Shownu. Before he became a member of the popular boyband, Shownu worked as a backup dancer for Lee Hyori and went viral for his sexy costumes when he performed alongside her when she promoted "Bad Girls".

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Of late, there's a new league of backup dancers who are heating up the stage with their combination of drop-dead good looks and smooth dance moves. Here's a list of those we're keeping tabs on:

Cha Hyun-seung

Cha is most well-known for being part of Sunmi's troupe and he has been performing with her since she went solo in 2013 with the release of "24 Hours".  Trust us when we say that their onstage chemistry is sizzling! Tall, charismatic and with a chiselled bod to boot, what's not to like about Cha? SBS certainly caught the wave of his popularity when they uploaded a high-definition solo fancam of Cha on their YouTube channel.

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Jang Ju-hee

Does Sunmi have a knack for picking the best dancers or what? Like Cha, Jang is also part of Sunmi's dance entourage who also has a dedicated fancam of herself performing to Sunmi's "Lalalay", courtesy of SBS.

Follow her at @jjuhee.eee

Joo Yu-ri

If we didn't know better ourselves, we'd think that Joo has already debuted as a member of a girl group! Her resume's impressive: The gorgeous dancer has performed alongside Super Junior, Park Bom, Suzy, 4Minute and more.

Follow her at @uriyull

Moon Sung-hoon

Described by his fans as a choreographer with model-like proportions, Moon is one of the star directors at Team A.ssa, a group that specialises in urban hiphop dance styles. Moon and his teammates are also known for their work with Chungha. He can be seen in her latest track, "Snapping".

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Kim Hyun-yi

Don't judge a book by its cover — the 26-year-old boasts a girl-next-door charm but that hasn't stopped her from busting out some awesome moves as a dancer for Red Velvet and EXID.

Follow her at @hyuni93

Won Ah-yeon

This sexy dancer with an unmistakable pout has worked with the likes of Big Bang and Wonder Girls' Yubin. And Judging from the clips of Beyoncé that Won has uploaded on her own Instagram, we're guessing she's a big fan of the American superstar.

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