Kang Daniel Is Launching His Own Self-Produced YouTube Videos

His Youtube series will be titled, 'Colorful Daniel'

By Hanan Haddad 17 Sep, 2019 5:59 AMTags
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A very handsome face will be popping up in your YouTube feed this September! 22-year-old soloist Kang Daniel has just announced plans to push more original content on his channel.

Kang's talent agency, KONNECT Entertainment, made an announcement via their social media channels revealing a brand new YouTube series that the former WANNA ONE member will be starring in. 

The web series, titled Colorful Daniel, is completely self-produced and will be another way for the idol to connect with his fandom, DANITY.

The tweet said, "The story that everyone knows but no one knew, Kang Daniel's travel vlog Colorful Daniel." It was followed by the premiere date, 25 September. 

KONNECT Entertainment also showed the poster for the series, which featured Kang pondering, "What shall I do tomorrow?" and "What do I do today?". The poster also showcased a luggage tag, so it's likely that the series will follow the singer on his travels for work and performances. 

According to local news outlet TV Report, the title refers to how Kang is "dyed" different colours through his experiences as he travels the world to meet his fans.

Fans can expect a more raw retelling of Kang's experiences in Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei as the singer aims to show a realistic depiction of the challenges and advantages of organising a fan-meeting tour. 

"Instead of spectacular images on the stage, these videos will depict a plain yet special daily life of a Kang Daniel who gradually grows through new experiences in unfamiliar situations," reported local media. 

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The tweet did not link to a dedicated YouTube channel, so the web series could very likely be hosted on KONNECT Entertainment's official YouTube channel. New episodes of Colorful Daniel will be released every Wednesday for 7 weeks.

So, DANITY, it's time to mark your calendars for 25 September to take flight with the dashing Kang Daniel!