Here's Why Fans Think BTS' Jimin Is Collaborating With Musician Alec Benjamin

The American singer and songwriter all but confirmed the news in his latest interview

By Pakkee Tan 17 Sep, 2019 3:45 AMTags
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There's "Gotta be A Reason" why the Internet is flooding with news of American musician Alec Benjamin and BTS' Jimin — and that's because the singer has revealed plans to collaborate with the BTS member!

In a video interview with a Chinese news outlet, Benjamin talked about taking a two-month break to work on his new album and upcoming collaborations.

This is when the singer shared, "I have some plans to collaborate with Khalid and also Jimin from BTS."

The friendship between the two artists apparently blossomed when Jimin shared a Spotify playlist with five of Benjamin's songs on it. The American singer then reportedly reached out to Jimin on Twitter to invite the BTS member to his show in Seoul.

The tweet was later taken down at the request of Benjamin's manager, who was reportedly concerned that the venue would be overrun if fans found out that Jimin would be at the concert.

Nevertheless, Jimin turned up to show his support at the concert, even posting a photo of himself with Benjamin backstage.

"Your voice is heavenly," the BTS member wrote.

Fans were excited to hear that the two artists could potentially be coming together for a single, and they definitely made their support known.

"alec benjamin [sic] just confirmed collaboration plans with jimin. that's it. we're about to witness the softest collab the music industry has ever seen," one fan tweeted.

Another said, "If Alec Benjamin and Jimin collab I will never listen to anything else ever and that's a promise."

Looks like the world is ready to receive the beautiful music that will blossom from this collaboration!