K-Pop Star Jessi Is All Ready To Make Her Comeback This September

This is the first time that the singer will be releasing new music since signing with Psy's P Nation

By Pakkee Tan 16 Sep, 2019 4:02 AMTags

After almost a year of silence, K-pop star Jessi is all ready to take her place in the spotlight!

The 30-year-old singer has announced that she will be returning with a brand new single on 23 September. This marks her first music release since signing with Psy's agency, P Nation, back in January 2019.

The news was confirmed by P Nation to local news outlets. 

Psy previously shared a photo of Jessi on Instagram, tagging the singer with the hashtag, "#spoiler".

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Jessi would also later share more behind-the-scenes photos from her single shoot.

Showing off her sparkly, crystal-studded outfit, the singer said, "My dress is made from the sparkle in my eyes when i see my fans..."

In her latest post, she also told fans to mark their calendars for 23 September.

Jessi has not made a new release since her single "Down" hit the airwaves in 2018, and fans are thrilled at the upcoming release.

Explaining the decision for Jessi to make a comeback only now, a P Nation representative told the media, "As much as people have been waiting for Jessi's comeback, she has created a single of the utmost quality, and we hope people will be excited to see a new side of Jessi."

The K-pop star is known for her provocative music and flamboyant style, so this "new side" of the K-pop singer is highly anticipated.