FT Island Is 'Zapping' Us With A Surprise Comeback

It's probably the K-pop group's last work together before the various members head for military enlistment

By Pakkee Tan 12 Sep, 2019 7:36 AMTags
FT Island, ZAPPINGCourtesy of FNC Entertainment

OG K-pop group FT island is back with one more EP!

Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jae-jin, Song Seung-hyun and Choi Min-hwan have come together for one final hurrah before the members begin their enlistment for military service. 

Calling their EP Zapping, it features five tracks and was inspired by zapping through television channels for something to watch, according to Billboard. The tracks include "Quit", "Hope Again", "Day By Day", "No Regret" and "Don't Lose Yourself".

For FT Island fans, the album is a poignant trip down memory lane, with tracks that recall their earlier works and, at the same time, carries a message of looking towards the future for both fans and themselves.

FT Island's Lee Hong-Ki Confirmed To Be Enlisting For Military Service Next Month

"Just like turning a boring TV channel, in this album contains members' thoughts when they wanted to turn away and quit from everything in the relationship," the album description on YouTube reads. "Still, they want to go forward little by little reflecting the good times in the past."

Together with the release of the EP, the boy band has also released a music video for their title track "Quit", a rock ballad that features Lee's powerful vocals and evokes the sorrow of a breakup.  

Zapping is the first EP released by FT Island after former leader Choi Jong-hoon left the group after being embroiled in the Jung Joon-young scandal that rocked the K-pop industry earlier this year.

Vocalist Lee Hong-ki is scheduled for his military enlistment later this month, and Minhwan announced that he is expecting twins with his wife Yulhee.