It's Time To Celebrate Virgo Season With These Korean Celebrities!

These perfectionists are known for their incredible work ethic

By Hanan Haddad 18 Sep, 2019 4:23 AMTags
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Known for being the perfectionists among the twelve astrological signs, Virgos are simultaneous respected and notorious for their meticulous nature and logical thinking.

The earth sign that's ruled by Mercury often lead incredible careers due to their analytical and hardworking personality. Virgos have a methodical approach to all things in life, even for the most trivial activities such as housework or doing taxes. 

Everything has its place and purpose to a Virgo. This practical sign can't be bothered with unnecessary or frivolous tasks that don't have an obvious goal or intent. This extends to their relationships, making them a picky sign that won't settle for anything less than perfection from their partner.

Despite that, Virgos are extremely loyal once you've received their stamp of approval and truly no other sign can be relied on more than Virgos. These people take responsibility seriously. Perhaps too seriously?


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Possibly the biggest downfall of a Virgo is their tendency of overthink and overanalyse. Furthermore, while they can be critical of others, they are the most critical to themselves, leading to the habit of overworking and worrying over things beyond their control.  

Despite working themselves to the ground, Virgos are unlikely to ever ask for help unless the situation is dire. They thrive on independence and prefer to do things their way. 

While these traits are often associated with organisational and problem-solving jobs, Virgos make incredible artists due to their attention to detail and dedication 

Just look at Beyoncé or any of these Virgo Korean stars if you're ever in doubt:

Lai Kuan-Lin

The former WANNA ONE member turns 18 on 23 September. 

Key (SHINee)

The sassy K-pop idol celebrates his 28th birthday on 23 September. 

Nayeon (TWICE)

The adorable idol will be turning 24 on 22 September. 

Seungmin (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids' lead vocalist turns 19 on 22 September. 

Kim Yoo-Jung

The ex-child actress will be celebrating her 20th birthday on 22 September. 

Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation)

Dancing queen of iconic girl group Girls' Generation, Hyoyeon turns 30 on 22 September. 

Jinyoung (GOT7)

Charismatic vocalist of GOT7, Jinyoung will be celebrating his 25th birthday on 22 September. 

Song Joong-Ki

The top Hallyu actor turns 34 on 19 September. 

Chen (EXO)

Sentimental vocalist of K-pop boy group EXO, Chen turns 27 on 21 September. 

Kwon Mina

The former AOA member will be celebrating her 26th birthday on 21 September. 

Youngjae (GOT7)

GOT7's Youngjae celebrates his 23rd birthday on 17 September. 

Felix (Stray Kids)

The Sydney-born idol from Stray Kids turns 19 on 15 September. 


Rapper, producer and BLOCK B member, ZICO turns 27 on 14 September. 

Lee Jong-Suk

The dashing lead of Romance Is A Bonus Book turns 30 on 14 September. 

Han (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids' rapper, Han will be celebrating his 19th birthday on 14 September. 

Han Chae-Young

It may be hard to believe but this bombshell actress turns 39 on 13 September. 

Jung Il-Woo

The handsome actor turns 32 on 9 September. 

Kim So-Eun

The angelic-looking actress celebrates her 30th birthday on 6 September. 


Leader of top K-pop boy group BTS, RM turns 25 on 12 September. 

Mark (GOT7)

The LA-born member of K-pop boy group GOT7, Mark Tuan turns 26 on 4 September. 

Joy (Red Velvet)

Member of popular girl group Red Velvet, Joy celebrates her 23rd birthday on 3 September. 

Jungkook (BTS)

BTS' golden maknae, Jungkook turns 22 on 1 September. 

Ong Seung-Wu

The former WANNA ONE member turned actor turns 24 on 25 August. 

Yesung (Super Junior)

Powerful vocalist of Super Junior, Yesung turns 35 on 24 August. 

Hyerin (EXID)

EXID's lead vocalist, Hyerin turns 26 on 23 August.