SuperM Unboxes And Reacts To Their Soon-To-Be-Launched Album: Watch

Fans got a sneak peek at exclusive photos of each member for the super K-pop group's upcoming debut

By Hanan Haddad 10 Sep, 2019 6:51 AMTags
SuperM, Debut Date, SM Entertainment Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Spoiler alert! SuperM members just gave fans a sneak peek at their debut mini-album that will be dropped very soon. 

EXO's Baekhyun and Kai, NCT's Mark and Taeyong, WayV's Lucas and Ten and SHINee's Taemin did a special unboxing and reaction of their highly anticipated mini-album that is set to drop 4 October this year.

This was the first time that the members of SuperM, dubbed the Avengers of K-pop, according to one SM Entertainment executive, saw the finished product of their album together. 

The self-titled mini-album consists of a five tracks: "Jopping", "I Can't Stand The Rain", "2 Fast", "Super Car" and "No Manners", followed by two instrumental tracks.

An important feature of the mini-album is that there will be seven versions, each centred around one of the members. Each album contains a 72-page photo booklet of the individual member, as well as a mini-poster and a random photo card. 

Fans can either nab their bias' mini-album to enjoy the photo booklet, collect all seven versions, or just nab the "united" version that has the whole SuperM group in one photo book.

For a peek at what each member's version of the mini-album will look like, watch their individual unboxings below: 

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SHINee's Taemin started off his unboxing video looking excited to see his version of the mini-album for the first time. He shared that the photo cards that will be randomly placed inside were selfies that he took while he was performing in Japan.

The 26-year-old idol also shared his personal picks for his favourite photo in the booklet: He picked a moody close-up of himself, stating that he really loved how you could see every detail, right down to his individual eyebrow strands. 


EXO's main vocalist, Baekhyun started off his unboxing with an impromptu ASMR session. He then diligently went through the booklet page by page, giving some back story on how the photos were shot and his experiences during the shoot.

He shared that despite how hot it was while shooting, he was very happy with how the photos turned out. He picked a photo of him coming out of a shower as his favourite and jokingly said, "But in reality, I'm not like that."

The singer also revealed that he wrote a message behind the photo card in English for all his international fans. 


Dancing machine Kai started out his unboxing by revealing that if fans collected all seven mini-albums, the spine will form SuperM's logo. The idol then quickly flipped through the booklet, saying that they have been working on the album for a long time and that the photos were the result of multiple shoots. He also sheepishly said that he could not show all the photos in the unboxing video, as he was shirtless in quite a number of photos. Fans of Kai will definitely be happy hearing that news! 


NCT's Taeyong started off by saying that he was rather nervous about his version of the mini-album. He revealed that it was the first time he had a solo photoshoot but was relieved that the photos turned out great.

He said that his concept for the shoot was "abstruse sexiness" and shared some back-stories behind some of the photos. For instance, one was shot in a club in Itaewon, which was particularly memorable for the idol. 


WayV's Ten did his unboxing in English for his international fans. As they were unboxing the samples, Ten jokingly reassured fans that when they get their mini-album, it will definitely contain a CD.

Ten talked more about his individual concept for his photos, which was "non-gender", exploring a more androgynous concept through the styling and art direction. The idol also shared that his favourite tracks on the album were "No Manners", "Super Car" and "Jopping". 


Probably one of the most enthusiastic unboxings came from NCT's Mark who couldn't contain his excitement as he flipped through his photo book. The idol was surprised, saying that the photos came out looking better than he expected and that some of the shots included were candid ones.

He confessed that he was so bad at taking selfies and started laughing at his photo cards. Mark also discovered that there were English lyrics included in the album, so that listeners can understand each song. 


WayV's Lucas did his unboxing in Mandarin. The idol couldn't stop laughing at himself as the booklet had so many photos of him, posing. He jokingly said, "You might collapse from my handsome looks."

He expressed his satisfaction at how the photos turned out, saying that they all came out beautifully. He ended his unboxing by saying, "Please send lots of love and support for SuperM."

Which photo book will you be getting?