Goo Hye-Sun, Ahn Jae-Hyun

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South Korean actress, Goo Hye-Sun took to her Instagram again on 3 September and uploaded several posts regarding her potential divorce with fellow actor and husband, Ahn Jae-Hyun

The celebrity couple has been making headlines with their public dispute regarding their impending divorce as details of their relationship were made public by Goo. In the posts that were posted yesterday and then deleted, Goo shed light on a custody battle between her and Ahn for their pet cat, Anju.

However, the latest Instagram post by Goo came with startling accusations of cheating. Just a few hours ago, the Boys Over Flowers' actress claimed that Ahn was allegedly cheating on her with another actress that he is currently filming a drama with. 

Goo Hye-Sun, Divorce

Instagram/Goo Hye-Sun

In the post above, Goo said, "The result of Dispatch's forensics? I am a person who changed cell phones three times this year. The correct reason for divorce is Ahn Jae-Hyun's extramarital affair. I heard so many rumours about him dating the actress in the drama he is currently filming.

It troubled my heart whether or not to believe him, so my stance went back and forth. Hearing about him exchanging messages on Kakao with this actress when he would not text or call me properly saying he was busy, made me feel betrayed and like my heart was getting ripped up. That's why I still need time to organize my feelings."

The "Dispatch Forensics" that was mentioned by Goo refers to an exposé South Korean tabloid, Dispatch, made of the couple yesterday. Dispatch had allegedly managed to obtain two years worth of text messages between Goo and Ahn and published key moments in their exposé. The text conversations showed a couple that were falling out of love with each other. In the first part of Goo's caption, she denounces the validity of the text messages, claiming that she changed her phone number three times. 

Instead, she said that the real reason for their potential divorce was that Ahn was having an affair with another actress.   

This sent shockwaves in South Korea's media industry as it is well-known that Ahn is currently filming an MBC drama titled, People With Flaws, opposite popular actress, Oh Yeon-Seo

In response to her accusation, Oh has addressed the accusation via her talent agency, Celltrion Entertainment, denouncing all the rumours that were fuelled due to Goo's Instagram post. Read the full statement here

As of writing this story, Ahn has not made an official response. 

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