James Corden Gets a Sneak Peek of Tang Wei’s Pat Pat Routine for SK-II PITERA™ Essence

The Late Late Show host learns from the master herself

By E! Asia Staff 16 Sep, 2019 10:00 AMTags
James Corden, Tang Wei, SK-II Pitera Masterclass Courtesy of SK-II

In his journey to crystal clear skin, Late Late Show host, James Corden became a brand-new ambassador for cult Japanese skincare brand, SK-II. And if you've been paying attention to the Internet, you'd have seen the cheery comedian starring in the brand's hit web entertainment series, PITERA™ Masterclass, along with other big names like Naomi Watanabe, John Legend and Tang Wei.

In the series, the talk show host travels all the way to Japan in order to discover the secret of PITERA™, the almighty ingredient that is in all SK-II products. Integral to the skincare routine is also the application method, which SK-II's OG ambassador, Chinese actress Tang Wei, has pretty much mastered in all her years of using SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence.

If you're as curious as we are about how to correctly apply the Facial Treatment Essence, you're in luck. The latest episode sees Corden trying his hand at demonstrating Tang Wei's iconic "Pat Pat Routine" when applying the hit product. Containing 90% PITERA™, this powerful essence does not require a cotton pad as the skin should absorb every last drop of goodness.

James Corden Shows Actress Tang Wei How To Up Her Posing Game In The Name Of SK-II Pitera™ Essence

Did you manage to catch the steps? To help you get the most out of your PITERA™ Essence, here are some beauty tips from us:

1. Pour a teaspoon amount of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into a clean palm.

2. Next, rub the hands together to spread the product evenly across the surface of the palms, before pressing the essence gently and evenly onto a cleansed face and neck.

3. Pat the skin gently, just like Tang Wei, to stimulate blood circulation as well as helping the essence absorb better into the skin.

Now that we've learnt the secret to Tang Wei's skincare regime, we're ready for some crystal clear skin of our own. There's just one more thing that we're curious about…  Naturally, not everyone can look as elegant as Tang Wei does while doing the "Pat Pat Routine" — but as a brand-new SK-II ambassador, can Corden make the cut?

Watch the full episode below to find out, and subscribe to SK-II's YouTube channel for more.