X1 Broke First Week Sales Records With Their Debut EP, Emergency: Quantum Leap

The new K-pop boy group sold over half a million copies in just the first week

By Hanan Haddad 03 Sep, 2019 7:59 AMTags
X1, Flash Music Video Courtesy of Stone Music Entertainment

The highly anticipated debut of K-pop boy group, X1 has led to not just a successful debut, but also a record-breaking one. 

Having won the K-pop trainee reality programme, Produce X 101, the 11-member group have been working through the controversies involving the show and released their first EP titled, Emergency: Quantum Leap on 27 August. The mini album consists of six track in total, including their title track, "Flash". Both the EP and title track were met with incredible enthusiasm from fans, breaking sales records in just the first week of the EP's release. 


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According to Hanteo Chart, X1 has reportedly sold over 500,000 physical copies of their EP in first week of sales. On the day the EP was released, 268,008 copies were sold on that alone. Hence, X1 broke the record for having the highest first week sales for a debut album, which was a record that was previously set by solo artist, Kang Daniel with his debut album, Color On Me

Kang sold over 466,000 copies in the first week, holding the record still in terms of a solo artist's debut album. The only other groups to sell more than X1 in their first week of sales are BTS and EXO, making this an impressive feat for a rookie boy group. BTS still hold the overall record for highest album sales in the first first week for their Map Of The Soul: Persona at 2.1 million copies sold. 

Congratulations to X1 on their epic debut!