Sunmi Just Gave Us The Sultry Pop Anthem Of The Summer With "LALALAY"

The K-pop singer is back with a brand new hit

By Pakkee Tan 30 Aug, 2019 5:43 AMTags
Sunmi, LALALAYCourtesy of MAKEUS Entertainment

Days after teasing her mysterious comeback, K-pop goddess Sunmi is back with a brand new single, "LALALAY"!

It's safe to say that Sunmi is a excellent performer who consistently delivers top performing hits — think back to her viral "Gashina" and "Siren" MVs and you'll have a pretty clear idea of what she is capable of.

Her latest single is no exception: It's a rich, visual feast that slickly combines Sunmi's distinctive vocals with a set of sexy dance moves that is sure to be wildly copied. "LALALAY" is a sultry, upbeat pop number that references Latin pop and dancehall, blending them with strong lyrics and a Korean point of view. In particular, Billboard also noted the inclusion of the taepyeongso, a traditional Korean horn instrument, that added a unique aspect to the pop number.

Speaking of her inspiration for her new music, Sunmi revealed a recent trip to Mexico was the source.

"The inspiration came while on tour. I went to Mexico with high expectations about their passion and fans were enjoying my show very passionately without caring about what other people think," she said during her showcase, reported the Korea Herald.


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The music itself speaks to the emotionally stronger and resilient artist that Sunmi has become.

One memorable line from the song goes, "If I'm criticised until I crumble to dust, I'm okay/ What? No matter what you're doing, you know I'm okay," she sassily shoots at her detractors.

The singer was recently criticised by a netizen about not participating in production, "leaving composers and co-producers to do most of the work" in an apparent dig at "LALALAY", which had not been released at that point in time, as reported by The Korea Times. 

This song definitely brushes the criticism she faces an artist away.

"I'm always debating whether to shake things up or stay the same. I believe that somewhere in the middle, between what the public wants and what the artist strives to be, is most ideal," she went on to say at her showcase. "That's why when I want to bring change, I ask people within the company and I ask them whether it would be okay. Then the time comes when you need change. This record was that."

Watch the music video below.