Nikki Bella is still healing from her breakup with John Cena.

The Total Bellas star, who was engaged to the actor and WWE champion prior to their 2018 split, is opening up about the end of her long-term relationship and how she still cries over the breakup to this day. In a new episode of The Bellas Podcast, Nikki receives questions from fans about her split with John and how she's moving on after the breakup.

"As far as how you get over a breakup, you really have to do the work on yourself," Nikki says on the podcast episode. "You really, truly, have to love yourself and every day dedicate something to you that is making you better. You also have to let yourself cry. That's one thing my life coach helped me a lot with, because I still, you guys, get days when I cry about my breakup."

"But we were together a long time, we had an amazing relationship and an amazing bond and a lot of love for each other," the E! star continues, adding that she gets why there's "confusion" about the couple's split. "But, every day when I need to cry, I let myself cry, because crying is healing."

"And so, when those tears come, I don't try to hold them in, I find a quiet place and I cry," Nikki admits. "Also, on top of it, I meditate."

Nikki goes on to share that meditation has been "lifesaving" for her after her breakup, as well as reading books and listening to podcasts.

Nikki Bella, John Cena, Engagement


Talking more about the confusion surrounding the split, Nikki says that there's a lot of things she can't talk about because she signed an NDA.

"John wants to keep things private, which is amazing, I respect him so much for that," Nikki shares. "The one thing that I can tell you from my point of view and my emotions and my perspective...towards the end I started to become a miserable person. I was very, very unhappy."

"For John and I, it was just...the timing was off," she adds. "I think what I realized is that I want someone...when I spend the rest of my life with someone in marriage, I wanna be with them every night. I want to spend holidays with them, I want to grow with them, I want to know that they really do wanna be a parent."

Nikki goes on to say that it was "crazy" because the closer she got to the wedding she felt those things were "off."

Though things didn't work between the duo, Nikki still feels as though John was one of her soulmates. Nikki also says that feels a "soulmate connection" with her new beau, Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev.

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