WINNER's Jinu Reveals He Prefers "Being In A Group" To Being A Solo Artist

The K-pop star just dropped his first solo album, JINU's HEYDAY

By Pakkee Tan 15 Aug, 2019 3:46 AMTags
Jinu, WINNERHan Myung-Gu/WireImage

WINNER's Jinu has finally dropped his first solo album, JINU's HEYDAY, and he's opened up about in a new interview about shedding his "pretty boy" image, why he prefers being in a group than being a solo artist, and life in YG Entertainment after founder Yang Hyun-suk's departure.

Talking about his new album, he said that he wanted to showcase a different side of himself as an artist with his new album.  

"Most people just know me as a handsome or pretty member of WINNER, but I want to shed that image," Jinu said during an interview with media outlets on Wednesday, The Korea Times reports. "Through the solo album, I will show off my different and unexploited sides."

And his new lead track, "CALL ANYTIME", definitely proves he's stretching himself as an artist. Featuring fellow group mate and rapper Mino, the upbeat pop number showcases Jinu's smooth vocals and visuals in a music video that speaks about lovesickness and pining for someone.

His music video has already crossed 1.1 million views on YouTube since being published yesterday, but despite this growing success, he revealed that he much prefers being part of a group.

"A merit of being a soloist is that I can belt out my own song, but I prefer being in a group," he said. 

Surprisingly, the K-pop star was also candid with his views when asked about Yang Hyun-suk, the former YG Entertainment impresario who stepped down from his positions within the company earlier this year in June amid several scandals that rocked the entertainment company.

"WINNER has been walking our own path, regardless of what was happening outside. I think other YG artists are the same," he said. "Other staff members in our company, especially WINNER members, gave help to me in gearing up for the album."

Looking to the future, Jinu is also not ruling out branching into other roles within the entertainment industry. One area that he expressed interest in was acting.

K-Pop Star Jinu To Make His Solo Debut

"I want to feature in a movie before I join the army," he told the press. "I think I can display myself more in a film, which takes a longer time to shoot than a TV series. But I am not quite interested in a romance genre, since I want a role with more powerful impact."

The idol turns 28 this year, and is expected to enlist in the army next year, so it gives him a relatively short time frame to achieve this dream, so he remains optimistic about the future.

"Nothing has been decided yet about WINNER's future activities," he said. So who knows? Here's looking towards actor Jinu's debut.