Kang Daniel Breaks Records With Solo Debut, "Color On Me"

He broke the one-day record for solo artists with his highly anticipated album

By Hanan Haddad 01 Aug, 2019 1:09 AMTags
Kang Daniel, What are you up to Music Video Youtube/Courtesy of Konnect Entertainment

Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel has been making headlines with his highly anticipated solo debut EP , Color On Me.

On 30 July, local news outlets such as OSEN reported on the incredible sales of the 22-year-old singer's EP just one day after being available offline.

Kang's album has reportedly sold 342,218 copies in one day, setting a brand new record in South Korea for the most album sales in 24 hours by a solo artist. This also places Kang at the top of the Hanteo Daily Album Chart. Not to mention, prior to the official release of Color On Me, Kang received over 450,000 preorders for the album in the span of just one week. 

The impressive numbers are understandable when we think about the long journey Kang took to his solo debut. Earlier this year, Kang was caught in a legal battle with his previous talent agency and came out victorious, establishing his own talent agency, KONNECT Entertainment.

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His music video for the title track, "What Are You Up To" has amassed over 8.1 million views in just five days. A truly impressive feat for a debut solo single, let alone one that is produced independently by Kang's self-established agency.

Color On Me consists of five tracks, four of which are co-written by Kang himself, including the title track. The songs are predominantly melodies in the R&B and pop realm that showcases Kang's smooth vocals nicely, especially in ballads like "I Hope".