Park Seo-Joon Launches His Own Youtube Channel To Connect With Fans

The top Korean actor shares what a day in his life looks like.

By Hanan Haddad 29 Jul, 2019 4:21 AMTags
Park Seo-JoonVCG/VCG via Getty Images

30-year-old actor Park Seo-joon is the next top South Korean celebrity to dip his feet into the waters of YouTube, in hopes of forging a deeper connection with his fans. 

Known as the Prince of Rom-Coms, Park has starred in several hit K-dramas such as She Was Pretty, Fight My Way and, not to mention, the insanely popular, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. He is currently promoting his upcoming film titled The Divine Fury that is set to premiere at the end of July 2019. 

Rather than going on a conventional media promotional tour for the film, Park has instead decided to launch his very own YouTube channel, where he can share parts of his life while promoting his new film. On 27 July, Park surprised fans by announcing his first ever vlog on his new channel via his official Instagram account. 

In the caption, the actor wrote, "I've started this to communicate more with fans and repay you for your interest in me. Though I am very lacking, I will fill this channel with small stories about my life!" This followed with a link to the Youtube video. 

In Park's first vlog, audiences spend 24 hours with the actor as he goes through his promotional activities for his film, The Divine Fury. From photoshoots to press conferences, Park shows fans a day in his life in an honest and sincere manner. He expresses in the video that he does have many worries with regards to the new film and whether it will do well, but he has hopes that the film will be well-received by fans. 

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Along with his professional side, fans get to see Park's naturally goofy side whenever he interacts with the cameraman, and even hilariously getting stuck in a spinning doorway towards the end of the vlog. 

We certainly hope to see more of Park in his new channel, which you can check out here.

Watch the his first vlog in full below: