K-Pop Group X1 Picks Their Leader and More in First Live Broadcast

K-Pop Group X1 Picks Their Leader and More in First Live Broadcast

By Kimberly Ong 23 Jul, 2019 6:16 AMTags

During X1's very first VLIVE broadcast on July 22, the group promised on future acts and announced Han Seung-Woo as leader of their group. 

The newly minted group took turns introducing themselves to fans with promises of more of their acts in the future. They announced their debut show-con on August 27 at the Gocheok Skydome. "Since it's an opportunity for us to meet our fans, we will work hard at preparing," said Kim Woo-Seok during the livestream.

After, Seung-Woo was voted in by the rest of the 11-member group through a secret vote. Each member of the ‘Produce X 101' group named their leader choice and explained why the oldest member of the group would make such a good leader.

Kim Yo-Han stated that "he's always our leader," while Son Dong-Pyo said he was a good fit for the role because he's like a reliable father to him, and said, "I hope he will become a father to the 10 of us. But I'm the youngest son that he cherishes the most" as translated by Soompi.

 The other members described how he was trustworthy, has leadership skills, and takes good care of everyone. Lee Han-Gyul said, "He has a sexy face that I like. And as you've seen on television, it seems like he'll be a great leader."

Seung-Woo, however, voted for Jo Seung-Youn, explaining, "he is the ‘mood maker' of the team, and I feel like he would lead us through a fun atmosphere."

But after his announcement as leader, Seung-Woo thanked the rest of the members for voting for him and said, "Thank you for your precious vote. I'll be a leader who walks ahead by a step, and I'll try to lead you well. So you'll follow me well, right?"

When Dong-Pyo pointed out that Seung Woo became the father of 10 sons, Seung-Woo laughed and said, "I have a headache already. But I'm happy."

The widely popular Korean music survival show came to an end this weekend after three months of intense competition with the final reveal of the trainees that would debut as the winning boy group. They will make their debut show-con on 27 August at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.